♥ Wonder Equation ♥

a blog for a true WONDERFUL


I just wanna say that I am very sorry to the people who were waiting for me to announce the new site but unfortately i cannot continue blogging anymore…

i will start my OJT(on-the-job-training) soon and after that i’ll be graduating then i’ll be working soon…

it was a very fun experience for me to blog about my favorite korean idol group and share it with you all

as they say, every good things has to end…

and with that,

Wonder Equation has come to an end…

Thank you to everyone here who have been great to me, thanks for all the visits and the comments,

and I’m sorry to everyone as i let you all down…

well i think this is GOODBYE then,



  1. yenmeshx0 Says:

    Hey !
    I know you stopped blogging here like a long time ago, but I just wanted to show appreciation for all the
    work you have done. This is such an amazing blog. When I started loving the wondergirls back in 2010, I couldn’t find any good blogs. I found yours recently :). And I swear I am going to go through each post you put up because it is so worth it. I love the wonder girls, and to see such a devoted fan ❤ I love you lol.
    Thank so much, other wonderfuls can enjoy your blog.
    I spent 4hours today ❤ ^^/// and will be back.
    thnks a million

  2. ame Says:

    hi, just wanted to let you know that you have one amazing blog. i love all of the stuff u post here 🙂

  3. yoedha Says:

    Like it your blog..

  4. deedeeseo Says:

    you can also work and blog at the same time. Well, not at the same time, but you can do both of them, it’s such a shame…

  5. Elvie Says:

    I’m very sad

  6. sunhee Says:

    this is so sad~~~ ilove your blog the most because u keep updating + your own personal words is so cute TT TT.. but please don’t close this blog… I want to keep all the memories.. for those who still want very fast update from WG can still visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/WonderFuls-Cafe/172129059470088 like the page..and there will be some past and latest news bout WG as well.. thanks and credit all goes to you ^ ^

  7. MC Says:

    If this is goodbye, thank you very much for all you have done Tricia! Have greatly enjoyed reading in the past, since you started this. I wish you great success in future, though we will be sad not having this blog. :(/:)

  8. Brooke Schreiber Says:

    It is very sad that you won’t be continuing this blog anymore. I hope you do come back in the future. Do you know any pool stores that sells pool supplies ? I’m actually looking for one.

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