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Touching Facts about Wonder Girls July 6, 2009

these will contain all the touching stories and facts about our girls….everything in this page is true

Title: YeEun: The UmChinDdal, Down-to-earth.. Beautiful.. Talented.. Intelligent.. YeEun! ❤

“UmChinDdal”[ Translation ]
Umma-Chingoo-Ddal/”Mom’s Friend’s Daughter”[ Definition ]
The daughter of your mom’s friend whom your own mother is always raving on about and comparing you to. Your mom’s friend’s daughter gets better grades than you, she has a better job than you do, she’s prettier than you are, and—to top it all off—she even has a better personality to boot!
YeEun is just one of the entertainers known to WonderFuls & other netizens under this title, but there’s just something about her makes her more endearing than the rest! >.< ♡

Wonder Girl YeEun who belongs to Kyung Hee University’s Entering Class of 2008’s Post-Modern Music department.
It was a well-known fact that she studied hard as a high school student…
YeEun’s High School Days…


Graduation Day! Congratulations!…



Responses: “hehe wow~ finally~~ keke. i sent in a friend request~ ke” … “welcome~~ keke” … “me too… mekekekekeke friends?!~” … “kekekekekekeke oh” … “ack! nice to meet you. Kekekekekekekekekekekeke” … “i want to see you right away at school kekekekekekekekekekekekeke” … “oh kekekeke” … “will she include me too…” … “yo man man man yeeun man” … “newbies together man” … “me too yeeun man” … “wow~ finally~ ack!~ nice to meet you kekekeke hope to see you at school” … “very soon kekeke” … “keke hachil~ you posted twice~ keke share your love with the other nunas too~ kekeke” … “i’ve been waiting only for miss yeeun” … “kekekekeke two posts kekeke” … “cute hachil”






Friend requests. Hehe.
And then last April, the following post popped up on her fan cafe…




“It’s been 100 years since I’ve been here, but I’m posting about YeEun absurd (kekeke) behavior.

I’m 20-years-old right now
And I’m a Practical Music Studies major in college…
So last week we met up with the Post-Modern major kids from Kyung Hee University
And we were drinking but then the topic of YeEun came up in conversation.
We’re all part of the entering Class of 2008
So that’s why I asked…

Kekekekekekekekekeke. She’s seriously something else. The best.
They say that entertainers normally don’t come to school that often
But Park YeEun comes to school everyday without fail.

Kids at our school usually don’t eat at the school cafeteria because the food tastes bad
But Park YeEun eats at Kyung Hee University’s school cafeteria.
And when kids from her major are playing basketball, she’ll sit there are cheer for them too.
And she’ll put her name down and practice in the rehearsal room.
And she doesn’t miss class. They say she doesn’t act like a celebrity at all.
They say you can’t recognize her at school.. Well, other people can’t. Kekekekekeke.


And with the singer from Buzz, for example, when he was attending Kyung Hee University, he took his manager around with him all the time,
But YeEun doesn’t even bother to take her manager around. Kekekekekekekekekekeke.
Even when he was going home, Buzz’ Min KyungHoon left riding his manager’s car,
But YeEun rides the bus home…… Keke. Keke. Keke. Ke. Ke. The public transit bus that regular people take…
They say she treats her Class of ’08 colleagues well and she even curses too.
You know how we joke around like, “this son of a bitch, that crazy bastard” etc.? YeEun does it too.
Anyhow, she’s just like any other ordinary person.

I took a picture of YeEun from my friend’s CyWorld. My friend took this in the rehearsal room.

And here are some pictures of YeEun cheering during a basketball game. Keke.

And her social powers!

“We ordered spicy rice cakes, waffles, and bagels from the deli,
And contrary to YeEun’s opinion that we didn’t buy enough food, in the end we were just stuffed.
Kekekekeke. Our stomachs were probably already bursting but the weather was so nice and we were excited under the sunlight. Kekeke.
A photo to commemorate the only day in the semester we’ll ever see YeEun wearing makeup to school. Kekekeke.
I like the pictures on the bottom where YeEun & HyunJi-unni are doing the specialty poses I requested.”

… Posted on YeEun’s friend’s CyWorld. YeEun’s a real carefree college student who goes around without wearing makeup. Keke.






She’s different from other entertainers who enroll but don’t attend classes with the excuse that they’re busy~
As expected, YeEun’s the best T.T
In the past, she missed some of her broadcast appearances during exam period…
And although she was busy with work activities, she still managed to average a B+…
And she planned to take summer school for the courses in which she received low marks!

All while maintaining an impressive social life too!






Like any ordinary college student, YeEun goes over to her friend’s dorm room.
The same friend she takes on dating shows to meet eligible bachelors…
The same friend she invites to her concert…
In fact…







She seems to invite a lot of her friends to her concert…
All part of the perks of being friends with, arguably, the sweetest Wonder Girl of all~!

But even though she seems to pour out all her love for her family and friends…

Especially the same ol’ friends she’s had since high school…

…She still has enough love left over to share with us… ♡♡♡

Mainly compiled by a Korean WonderFul @ http://pann.nate.com/b3834715 with tidbits from WonderHolic & etbbong.tistory.com and made Spectacle!-friendly with edits & additions by ppopki *^_^*

Title: “Thank you everyone for your support”

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credits: as tagged

Title: The Fruit of their hardwork for 2 years (2007-2009)

this is the list of all the awards that WG got for this 2 years ^_^ they deserve every bit of these awards! their hardwork are paid off! but i know they will rock again for 2009! they will dominate the world in 2009! this is a lot of awards for 2 years ^_^ wow! im so proud of our girls! i love you girls so much!!!!!
the ones that are bolded in in red bugundy color are the big awards (i guess) the ones in pink-violet are yeah the other awards they got and the ones in red are the awards that they have yet to get! haha well they are still nominees for that categorie
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

2007 Cyworld Digital Music Awards (February): Rookie of the Month
2007 Cyworld Digital Music Awards (October): Song of the Month (“Tell Me”)
2007 M.Net KM Music Festival: Rookie of the Year/Newcomer Award
2007 National Assembly of South Korea Pop Culture & Media Awards: Pop Music Award
2007 Korean Music Arts Festival: Female Photogenic Award
2007 Korean Parliamentary Awards: Singer/Popular Song *DaeSang*
2007 22nd Golden Disk Awards: Digital Music Bonsang
2007 22nd Golden Disk Awards: Popularity Award





2008 17th Seoul Music Awards: Rookie of the Year
2008 Nick Korea Kids Choice Awards: Best Female Singer
2008 20th Korean Producers & Directors Awards: Best Singer Award
2008 5th Korean Music Awards: Best Dance & Electronic Song Award
2008 Cyworld Digital Music Awards (June): Song of the Month (“So Hot”)
2008 M.Net 20s Choice: Hot Schoolgirl (Sohee)
2008 M.Net 20s Choice: Hot Club Music (“So Hot”)
2008 Cyworld Digital Music Awards (September): Song of the Month (“Nobody”)
2008 Cyworld Digital Music Awards (October): Song of the Month (“Nobody”)
2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Female Group Award *Daesang*
2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Music Video Award (“Nobody”)
2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Song of the Year (“Nobody”)
2008 9th Korea Visual Arts Festival: Most Photogenic Singer Award
2008 25th Korea Best Dresser Awards: Best Dresser Award for Singer Category
2008 23rd Golden Disk Awards: Digital Bonsang (“Nobody”)
2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Style Icon of the Year

2009 Asia Model Festival Awards: Asia Star Award
2009 18th Seoul Music Awards: Song of the Year *Daesang*
2009 18th Seoul Music Awards: Top Artist *Bonsang*
2009 18th Seoul Music Awards: Digital Music Award


**2009 **Nominee** 6th Korean Music Awards: Song of the Year (“Nobody”)
2009 **Nominee** 6th Korean Music Awards: Best Dance & Electronic Song (“Nobody”)
2009 **Nominee** 6th Korean Music Awards: Netizen Artist of the Year


Credit : soompi, ๛:Oak_Kung:๛ @Wondergirlsthailand.com

Title: 60 Facts you must know about Wonder Girls

click on them to view the list…actually…there are a lot more facts that we must know haha but these were from sendvoice only so yeah….

source : wonder girls sendvoice, 宣美家族

credit: http://www.yeeun.wordpress.com(ye eun-impact)


finally! an article about Sohee!

Title: Be Strong, Ahn Sohee!

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I really didn’t know; I only found out after reading the contents of SoHee’s father’s interview.

That SoHee’s mother and father had been divorced…

That you’re a kind and caring daughter who tells your father that you won’t make him worry, that you’ll make sure he lives comfortably.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Up until now, I haven’t once seen SoHee cry on television.

Even when you were talking about your family on The Star Show, you held back your tears.

Seeing you hold back those tears made it all the more painful.

You’re someone who acts strong and tough on the outside even when, in reality, that’s not the case.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

On the day that Sun Mi was suffering from her cold,

it was obvious that you’d spent all day worrying about her.

SoHee’s weakness is that she can’t easily hide her expressions.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I have a friend whom I used to be best friends with during junior high school.

Nowadays we’re being tutored together and go to the library together too.


Well, one day that friend suddenly says we should go and see a movie together.


So I asked her, “What movie? What time?”

She says something about “hot,” the one where Ahn SoHee comes out.


She says she wants to watch that one.


I really wasn’t feeling up for it,

But after hearing her reason…


The assistant director for that film is one of her professors for her major, so says she has to watch it…


She even asked me to advertise. – – a


Now, this is something I heard from that friend who was told by that professor…


They say Ahn SoHee’s very intense.

Not necessarily that she has a bad personality, but she’s just really intense they say.

Even when the director yells at her a lot, she doesn’t shed a single tear. Not a single drop.

There’s a scene in the movie when she rides a motorcycle,

and she must have fallen and gotten hurt to the point where she must have been in a lot of pain.

But even then, the kid didn’t show any tears and she didn’t even yell. She just bit her lip.


And then she went to the restroom and began to sobbing by herself.


I thought it was impressive considering she was younger than me.


And then something about how Ahn SoHee wasn’t very well-known when she was first cast for the film;

She was pretty much cast because she had her management company to back her.

But it’s a relief that she’s become so popular now…? Something like that…


Anyway, it’s really amazing.

It’s amazing being a friend to someone who has such a connection to someone who has such a connection to such famous celebrities. – – a keke

Captured from someone’s blog…

SoHee was admitted to the hospital after this accident and received a scar that’ll never go away.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

SoHee (2005.03.05 22:30)


It seems like everyone around me is struggling very much…

What am I supposed to do….

I can’t even solve my own problems…..

The people I’m close to are struggling….

So what am I supposed to do…..

You’re not struggling, too, are you, Unni…? Don’t struggle,,,,,,

Like I would tell you when I’m struggling,

you should tell me too, Unni….

I don’t know if I’ll be a big help… But I’ll work hard to be helpful…. ^-^

See you in the practice room on Monday ^-^


Min SunYe: I’m not struggling ^^ Keke

To be honest, I’d be lying if I were to say I’m not struggling at all… Keke

But still! We have to be strong~~~~~~!!!!!! Keke

Yeah ^^ See you on Monday! (2005.03.06 11:35)


Something SoHee left on SunYe’s guestbook before the debut.

I don’t know what happened,

but seeing the people around her in pain is painful to Ahn SoHee.
credits: wonderholic & ppopki @ spectacle



Title: Why SNSD fans love Sunye

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Picture with SNSD members.
You can tell that they are really close friends.
Isn’t it nice to see them like that?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Hugging Taeyeon, who just won an award and celebrating with her.
And a joint performance of the two leaders.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Tiffany and Sooyoung fighting for Sunye.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Tiffany and Sunye both enjoying each others company.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
*This is taken from Sunye’s mini homepage
Kwon Yuri:
Min Sunye~ I came from Jina unnie’s homepage. lol
It’s too bad I didn’t get to see you after the TV show. T_T
You are born in 1989 too right? I’m born in 1989 too, we’re same age ^^*
Come visit my page too~ I am a trainee right now too.
Visit me lots ~ ^^*
Min Sunye:
Haha, Yup~ Thanks for visiting ^~^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
When they were doing the special stage on Music Bank,
Taeyeon made a mistake because she was sick.
And Sunye came to comfort her!
From rumours, she supposedly shared her own cold medicine with Taeyeon.
SNSD fans were touched by her kind gesture
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a SNSD fan that trash talked about Sunye.
She is respectful, kind, wonderful and a gentle girl.
I think that’s why she is loved by all. regardless who they like.
I am proud of Sunye and proud to be part of wonderful.




trans by jstn @ soshified.com/forums



Title: To Wonderfuls…from Wonder Girls

these letter were personally written by our girls to us(Wonderfuls) they gave their thank you message after recieving a Dae Sang Award (Big Award) which is the Song of the Year Award from MKMF…these were posted on 11-19-08

Sohee’s letter

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To. Wonderful.

Thank you… for always being behind us cheering and forever being “Wonderful” with us!

By. SoHee

Sunmi’s Letter

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

To. Wonderful
Hello (lit. how are you)… The weather has turned very cold =)
Now it looks like winter.. heum (noise of contemplation)… it still has to become colder!!
Please wear warm clothes when going out.. I am also suffering a lot due to a cold.. hahaha..
Ah! Our Wonderfuls~ =)* The Wonder Girls received a DaeSang (big award)!
Perhaps that day there were a lot of people crying with us..
If all of you were not here, then we could not have come this far..
I am always grateful and.. Let go together til however far~
– SunMi –

Sunye’s Letter

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All the Wonderfuls that I ♥.. =)

From everyone’s cheers, I always have strength even though it is the cold winter~ =)
It was not that long ago that we received a really huge award.. It really was like a dream… Also it seemed like there were more people with us for that award than a year before, so my heart was full and grateful..!
All the fans who we love that always cheer for us wherever we go and give us strength..
you know that from being with all of you we shine more and get more strength right? =)
I hope that all of you would think proudly… of being part of the Wonder Girls’s Fan club >_<
If you are, then we would also always have to work hard right?: always whenever our Wonderful carries their pride they help us~ so as we curl up smartly together: We can do it ♥
There is always a thing that gives us the possibility to exist you know~ the possibility that is there for us is that all of you are here with us.. I think that is really a undefeatable strength that we can display ^^*
I hope that while listening to our songs you can become a Wonderful who always gives when you are happy and can cry when you are sad.. Thank you so much =) I love you Wonderful. Always be with us!! Aja aja ♥

SunYe “Min Leader”


Ye eun’s Letter

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us





To Wonderful.. ♥

Hello (lit. how are you)!! It is YeEun ^^*
It’s been a long time since I have written a letter~
Not that long ago, there was really happy news right?
We, who are rookies that are awkward and amazed at everything even though it has been a year, could not even imagine that we would already received such a huge award. All of you were really surprised too right? I am still not believing it, so I am pinching my cheeks..
During one year and nine months, we have really done a lot of things. Happy things, sad things, painful things, difficult things.. hard things that we wondered if we could do, heart-warming things that we wondered how we should. With all those things, there were all of you Wonderfuls. Whenever always.. if we did not have our Wonderfuls, then really, we could not have done anything at all.
For always being next to us, loving us, protecting us, laughing with us, crying with us – thank you.
For not being able to make you laugh more, for making you hurt, I am sorry.
However, from the day I first saw you, even now, to whenever
I love you.. ♥

– YeEun –
P.S. Even though I tried my best to write prettily, bad handwriting cannot be fixed in one day..! ㅜㅜ Please be understanding ♥


Yoo bin’s Letter

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us




To. WonderFul ♥

Hi~ >_<)//
Our fans are doing well~!!
So you do not catch a cold in the cold winter that has come, dress warmly when you go out…
Truthfully~ the reason that we are writing letters this way today is
we wanted to say thank you for the Big Present that the WonderFuls have given to us >_<
Even though we have not even debuted for 2 years, we were very happy and surprised that you gave us such big awards. ㅠ~ㅠ
Thank you so much..
And also, our WonderFuls that we love so much,
in the future too, until whenever, let us go together ff~aa~rr ♥♥♥

From YooBinNyong =)

credits goes to wonderholic, daum, Kay@ wgjjang (for translations)



Title: Wonder Girls are stronger than ever





When Sohee got in to her motorcycle accident, and Hyuna left the group,
The three girls (Yeeun, Sunye, and Sunmi) performed and continued
with their schedule by themselves. For Yeeun, she said that time was so heartbreaking,
after finishing a performance, she went to the washroom by herself and cried.
During this time, all the interviews that they did, they always had a sad face.
Even with their busy scedule, everynight they would go stay overnight with Sohee
at the hospital.

The day of Wonder Girls’ car accident. Sunmi was the one in most danger since she was
sitting in the middle. The moment that they hit, Sunye grabbed her and pulled her to
her side. Sunye had ended up injured the most. She couldn’t even walk properly.

On ten ten club (radio show), Sunmi had talked about Sunye’s solo stage.
She was worried and nervous for Sunye and cried alot at the side of the stage as Sunye sang.

At a time, there were rumors about Sohee being left out and other members not treating
her very well. Yeeun had alot of bad things said about her and after that she was not the
Yeeun that was free-spirited. She was quiet and reserved. As the other members told jokes
and laughed, she sat there to herself and remained distant to the members.

As the Sunye + Park Tae Hwan (olympic swimmer) rumors came out, many said hateful things and left
hateful comments on her minihompy. As Wonderfuls tried to help her out and leave encouraging messages,
they noticed that the hateful comments were being deleted. It was actually Sunye deleting them
herself, alone in the apartment. But the speed of Sunye deleting the comments was very slow. As
she was deleting them, she was reading them one by one. Other stars would just delete them as fast
as they can for their image. But Sunye had left the people messages saying that it was all her fault.
She didnt do anyting wrong…

Wonder Girls really went through hard times.

Sunye’s mom passed away when she was just a little girl and her dad’s is very unhealthy.
Even through this, Sunye had practiced and practiced for 7 years.
During the Tell me days after the accident, Sunye’s grandfather passed away before
he could see her comeback again with tell me. Sunye could not eat and it was very noticeable
how much she had lost weight. Not long ago, Sunye apologized to her grandma at a radio show.
As teardrops fell down her face, she said that she will succeed for her grandma and let her do
eveything she wants.

Yeeun’s dream was always to be a singer. She failed many auditions and many people told her to give
up but she didnt. She told them that she wanted to be a singer that could move and inspire people.

Sunmi…. Sunmi is always smiling.
Not many people know about Sunmi’s past.
The many hard times that she went through.
Just right before Wonder Girls’ debut with irony, Sunmi’s dad passed away. During her JYP trainee days,
she would travel up to seoul from Gyung-Ju by herself and practice.

Sohee would always leave messages to Sunye’s minihompy saying that training was so very hard for her
and sometimes she wanted to quit. After Hyuna left the group, and the first album came out, the Sohee
that was outgoing and always smiling was gone. When she was filming for her movie, she would go to
Sunye and Yeeun after filming and cry in their arms. As the rumors about her being a mistreated by the other member came out, she didn’t want the other members to feel uncomfortable around her so she tried her best to be cheerful.

Hyuna’s outgoing and big personality had got some harsh things said about her. She worked hard
as a trainee for those 4 years even with her health. She has chronic gastroenteriti which got her hospitalized
and because of this, her parents did not let her continue with the wonder girls. Many unthoughtful rumors had come up about why she left the group and there was a time where Hyuna wrote an entry on her cyworld saying that she did not want to live anymore.

Yoobin has told us before that she sometimes cries as she eats by herself. Her family are all overseas and she is
very lonely. On holidays, as the other members leave the apartment to have dinner with their families, she stays home
and has dinner by herself. During these hard times for her, she still had many bad things said about her taking over
Hyuna’s place. Many anti’s of hers had formed just because of the fact that she was a new member.

As Park Jin Young formed the Wonder Girls, he told Sunye to always come back to the practice room after performances and practice. Even during their Tell me days where they barely got 3 or 4 hours of sleep, all of the members would come back after their schedule and practice. Not because someone ordered them to, but because they wanted to.

Sunye, Yeeun, Sohee, Sunmi, Yoobin, Hyuna

These are girls with lots of effort and heart.
Before performances they always check where the wonderfuls are sitting.
Always wave to the wonderfuls, always thank their wonderfuls.

Even after what they’ve been through, they are the Wonder Girls.

Support them till the end, Love them till the end.

all credits goes to Hayden @soompi for translating…and wonderholic as well



Title: Do you know Min Sunye? If you don’t, don’t say anything.

She’s a leader who makes sure that the other members get more screen time.
A couple of days ago, on PKL’s radio show, she told the other members that she feels guilty because she feels like she hasn’t done a lot for them as a leader, and so she apologized to them and said she was really sorry.

She’s a leader who is checks, double checks, and makes sure that the members and the mic stands stand in the right position. ^^

She’s a person who gives two big thumbs to the fans,
Whenever she makes an acceptance speech she has never, not even once, forgotten to thank WonderFul…it’s a small gesture but we’re always thankful…

The note above was written by Mark PD on his cyworld diary…
Sunye grew up under the care of her grandma and grandpa
A few days before their “Tell Me” comeback, her grandpa passed away.
We were so worried about her, and as expected when we watched their comeback performance, Sunye had lost all the fat in her cheeks to the point where it was just heart-breaking to watch her
(*note: Mark PD is the producer of the Wonder Girls’ MTV series and is a close friend to the girls)

Would a person like this really single out Sohee?
When Sohee was sick with a cold, Sunye took care of Sohee.
(*note: during “Tell Me” days there were outrageous rumors going around saying that the other members were singling out Sohee and making her into an outcast)

“When we were just getting beginning to promote ‘Tell Me,’ we got into a car accident. I quickly got out of the car, to check and see if all the other members were okay, and when I found out that they were all safe…I said ‘Thank You’ more than a thousand times” – from Sunye’s <Arena Magazine> Interview
Even though she said this, she’s the one who got hurt the most. As many of you know, Sunye grabbed Sun Mi, who was in danger, and rescued her to safety.

The reason why Park Jin Young believes in Sunye? The reason why Sunye is the leader?
Sunye came to be Wonder Girls’ Sunye by effort more than talent
While the other members went home to rest, she’s decided to stay behind so she can practice more.

“One of the biggest reasons that motivated me to achieve my goals is because I wanted look after and take care of my grandma…”
A message to her grandma: “When I ask you ‘do you need anything?’ or ‘do you want anything to eat?’ you can just tell me now..now…I want you to spend the rest of your life a little more happier. I want to relieve all your stresses so you can rest peacefully, and to do that I will be a hardworking granddaughter.” – from <The Star Show> interview


“The reason why I have to push myself harder is because right now, my dad’s health isn’t that great . Another reason, is because I have to pay back my grandma for all the support she has given me all these years. That’s why I must succeed…when I think of my family…”


Her face is pretty but her heart is even more prettier, that’s why I love Sunye so much.
The reasons stated above are the reasons why I’ve fallen for Sunye and the reason why I trust Sunye in whatever she does.
If you ask we why I like the Wonder Girls I can say proudly that,
I might not know everything about these five girls but what I am certain is that I believe in their humanity.

Knowing Wonder Girls is one of the greatest gifts in my life.

please credit 은안대동단결@byulha, who is a true WonderFul







Title: Park Yeeun is the kind of person that…….

– Buys bread and milk for her fan
because it’s her fan’s birthday.

– Worries about her fans and tells them to go home early
when she sees fans waiting outside the JYPE building at night.

– Screams “You didn’t go home again!!” and disciplines her fans like a true “unnie” (older sister)
when she discovers the fans that were waiting outside the building last night spent the night there and were still waiting in the morning.

– Always writes “P.S, Go home early ^^;” at the end of every letter she writes to fans.

– Feels sorry for fans who travel from far away places to come to the JYPE building
and puts herself below others and thanks them for liking a worthless person like her.

– Asks fans “Isn’t it hard to love one man your whole life?”
and tries to comfort fans when she sees them struggling by making them laugh.

– Remembers the name, face, and username of her fans.

– Gets madly worried when she hears news that a fan is sick.

– This is kind of personal but, when she heard that a fan was involved in a huge accident,
she posted a (get well) message on her “joy homepage” and was truly devastated by the horrible news.

– Gives advice to fans and encourages them when they are going through tough times at home
when she herself is feeling stressed and tired.

– Always asks fans if they ate,
and looks worried when they tell her that they didn’t eat yet.

– Checks her pocket for money,
when a fan who spent the night waiting outside the building said that she/he couldn’t go home because she/he didn’t have enough money to take a cab (but when she emptied her pockets she only had about 25 cents…)

– Always checks where her fans are and how many fans came before going up on stage to perform,
and always waves/bows at them.

– Went to the bathroom and secretly cried,
when she heard the special cheer the fans prepared for them at the “lotte world” performance, it was during the time when they had to perform with only three members because the the other two members were sick.

She’s a person that loves singing, loves the stage, and loves music.


credits: “jjong kkan na” @ byulha & wobderkid @ soompi

now how sweet is that?! can our girls be more loving? wah! love her so much!!!! i love how ye eun cares for heer fans ^_^ while other artists just ignores them! ye eun you’re so kind T_T im really touched…take note this was written by a korean fan so we can say that this article is true


Title: Sunye’s Sweet Message to Wonderfuls

August 13,2008 11:35 AM

Sunye wrote to the Wonderful cafe this really sweet message ^_^

hello everyone, I’m Sun Ye, long time no see!
many might not know yet, but yesterday was my birthday
many send me congratulatory messages last year, it’s the same this year!!
so many people came…. really touching

when I saw so many of you outside the company headquarters
I felt really nervous
no matter when, you always bring me surprises *hehe*
actually, regardless of who it is, if you have a busy day, it’s like racing against time, and you feel empty inside your heart
everytime I felt this, the ones who helped me through, is you (Wonderfuls)
every word and letter with sincerity in your letters, text messages…they are all presents from the bottom of your hearts…

For all the love you have given me, I don’t really know how should I repay it back, and sometimes I feel burdened by that
When I see everyone feeling happy because of me, I feel most happy then
when that time comes, I would think to myself, “ah, I am really living on this world”, “This is what heaven has bestowed me to do”…

Sometimes, I feel confused about my relationship with fans
Sometimes it feels the distance is very close…but sometimes it’s so far away
Sometimes it feels we are very close…but sometimes we are so far apart
But I don’t really think about this often

because I am sure of one thing, everytime we go on stage to perform, we and everyone become one entity together

It would be great if moments like this would be plentiful in future. You all are the source of my energy!!!

I couldn’t stay back for long enough with you because we had a performance, so I’m sorry for that.
I really have to thank you all. It’s you who taught me the meaning of ‘happiness’.
We are now putting all our effort into our next album, so please wait in anticipation!
Hope that everyone stays happy everyday!

Regards, Leader Min

credits: coolsmurf & Wonderful Cafe

now dont you guys think that what sunye said..the one i bolded in red, really fits my wonder equation?! haha i love it! i love you Sunye & I love WG! WG & WF HwaitinG!

… But it seems like she’s just as active in school life as a Wonder Girl!

After being admitted into the university’s program, YeEun joined her major’s CyWorld CyClub and left a note for her colleagues~
Her friendliness is not very celebrity-like ^^






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Comments (4)

4 Responses to “Touching Facts about Wonder Girls”

  1. ♥♥♥ LORE ♥♥♥ Says:

    ooh the wonder girls best band of the world ^>^

  2. JaaanLeeyy Says:

    Wonder Girls Fighting!
    Hope you’re always in good health ❤

  3. Sarah Says:

    wow, sunye is really….really really amazing…she’s my favorite wonder girls, and she always will be, who could ever hate anyone so sweet and caring as her? She truely has a heart of gold, and her talents in singing, dancing, everything, makes me think that SHE is the true uhm chin ddal…she’s smart too, whenever the wonder girls go on a brain survivor or brain testing game (star golden bell) she’s always the one to win…wonder girls,…sunye..fighting!!!

    • FLO Says:

      Sunye is a true leader… the story ’bout her make me cry..
      And Sohee,,I hope the best for u.. It’s okay that you cry in front of your fans.. the fans love you. No matter what happen, this is Wonder Girls that really wonderfull. Even now there are a lot a new girls groups or old girl groups that take away the chart,,I’ll always be your fans. Now,,in US do the best ok, but keep smiling.
      I support u girls. And,,comeback soon to motherland..
      Get a GREAT SCORE IN US!!! LOVE U WG!!! ^^

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