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Wonder Equation July 28, 2008

Wonder Girls and JYP

…what a great family picture….


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i then decided to change this blog’s name from ~You’re Not Alone~ to a new one because basically the title “You’re Not Alone” was originally for my personal use until i decided to convert this blog to a WG-centered blog and the new name is called “Wonder Equation”

you can view the previous articles in this page here

Facts & Touching Stories about our Wonder Girls

i decided to separate it from the Main Page since it’s getting too populated here haha…


this is the Wonder Equation!

“Wonder Girls + Wonderful = 1”

1 = ♥ Wonder Equation ♥

Wonder Equation ♥

♥ WE ♥

♥ WE ♥ = Wonder Girls + Wonderful

♥ WE ♥ = 1

isn’t the Wonder Equation really cool! hahaha! do you guys get what i just discovered? haha

i just love it! haha “WE” stands for the cooperation of both WG & WF…the pronoun “WE” is so nice to hear

if WG & WF will always cooperate then all will be happy ^_^ i hope that Wonderfuls will always support Wonder Girls! Wonderfuls let us Love WG as much as WE can! and I really hope Wonder Girls will always continue to be grateful & show their gratitude towards all their fans ^_^ Wonder Girls & Wonderful Hwaiting!

you can call this blog whatever you like…be it Wonder Equation, WG+WF=1, WE or cutegiurl’s blog or whatsoever

just remember that when you took out anything from this blog


Everyone Unite!

06-07-08 Dream Concert 2008

this pic is just a proof that not only Wonderful was greatly influenced by WG but other fanclubs as well!

singing her heart out for Wonderful♥

singing her heart out for Wonderful♥

and for Wonderful our talented and pretty Wonder Girl Ye eun had composed & performed her 1st song in Public for all of us!

07-26-08 Ye Eun – For Wonderful on 2nd Fan Meeting.mp3

As of August 11, 2008 My Blog became the Top 6 of all blogs in wordpress haha! im so happy thank you so much ^_^ Thank you for all the visitors ^_^ Please Visit & Comment always ^_^

yay! wonder equation is Top 6!

yay! wonder equation is Top 6!


148 Responses to “Wonder Equation”

  1. koh Says:

    ขะเป็นกัมลังจ๊ายยยย ให้ WG เสมอและตลอดปายยยยนะก๊่บบบบ >_<

  2. Thanks for the great post – I loved reading it! I always enjoy browsing your blog. 🙂

  3. soheewonderful Says:

    verry cute!!!

  4. ck Says:

    Let’s vote for Wonder Girls for the best pop song!!


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