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Hello!Read First December 27, 2007

Before downloading anything…You can click on the “Download List” on top for easy access to files and i created it so that it will be easy for you guys/gals to find a specific file that you want to download…Always Check on it! Coz I update it whenever I uploaded a certain file…And Please Do Comment!!not just view or something…it will be very rude…please comment and credit me properly! No Stealing of links,vids & pics!

Oh and I’ve established a new rule for my files…[except for pics]…for a certain post i need to have at least 7[for now!] but it will be 10 comments onwards requesting for the download file….i won’t be putting the download links YET…So all those silent users there get out of your shells and comment! haha! i’m not really this a kind of person…but i don’t want my files to be taken easily and be stolen…hehe…just protecting my files….oh and don’t rename my files haha! don’t take off the [cutegiurl.wordpress.com] on it…that’s all for now ^__^

I won’t be doing the new rule anymore….be thankful that i’m kind! haha! the only thing that i wish for is that please don’t ever ever rename my files and please do credit me when taking anything out!

ok Regarding the IU links…I will re-up all my files to hypershare[HS] if it is working for you guys…if HS hates you just tell me and i will re-up it to another server…HS is the 2nd fastest server for me coz IU is first but now it hates me and so do you guys! what’s wrong with IU argh!

anyways here is my introduction….

hello! i’m cutegiurl here’s an info ’bout me

name: Tricia Ann M. Evangelista

Age: 18 Years old

Birthday: August 18,1990

Country: Philippines

Hobbies; drawing,taking photos, net surfing, collecting k perfs, watching j/tw/k dramas/movies, and lots more

fave k artists: Wonder Girls, TVXQ, SNSD, Super Junior, Big Bang, FT Island, Bae Seul Gi, Eru, Kara and lots more…

I have my own fanfic it’s called Opposites…some of you may have read it but to some it maybe the first time they have heard it….the main characters are Ahn Sohee of Wonder Girls & Woo Kevin/Sung Hyun of XING…i am the one who started the Sohee-Kevin coupling…yes i am….i created this couple even before the WONDERBANG exploded hahaha ^_^ I so love WONDERBANG! but i also love this couple ^_^…there are also other stars in my fic which includes….Go Ara, Kim Ki Bum [Suju or XING], Bae Seul Gi & Jung Yunho of TVXQ…

there are some misunderstandings with my character of Kim Ki Bum…In my imagination it is the one in Super Junior but to some they are imagining it as the former member of XING…I don’t really care…It all depends on the imagination of it’s reader ^_^ but I prefer the Kim Ki bum of Suju for the role even if he’s quite old hahaha! it’s ok he’s always young for me ^_^

anyways you can visit my blog for this fan fic

Opposites Fanfic Blog

i have created a new blog ^_^ it’s a asian music blog…i post anything there from news & pics to songs & MVs…when i say asian it can be japanese, chinese or korean! or just anything asian! hahaha

here is the link to it ^_^

♪| Music L♥ver |♪


more recent pics of me taken on 12-09-08

ok here are my newest pic collection as i took this today (08-08-08)!!!!

this is my new look hehe my new hair ^_^

more pics of me!!!heheheh sorry im a cam-addict ^_^ well these are my recent looks ^_^

hehe here are some pics of me


79 Responses to “Hello!Read First”

  1. dorothy dao Says:

    whoaaa those pics kinda look like me dats ssoooo cool!!;)

  2. kimt08 Says:

    hello there! this is kimt08 from kpoprants.wordpress.com replying to your request of exchanging blogrolls ^^
    I will accept this request as long as your blog is updated frequently and it seems like it is right now. So thx for cooperating and hope you’ll add Kpop Rants to your blogroll too!

    good day~♥

  3. Ameeh Says:

    hello!.^__^. i’ve always visited your site for wg photos.^^. can i ask a favor?. i really need a little help.. I’m having my own blog for f(x) too, I just wonder where do you get all those fanpics???
    you’re can e-mail me.^^ ameeh16@yahoo.com

  4. Nins Says:


  5. emman Says:

    hey.. *UBER NICE* fansite here.. can i ask? do you have a copy of Wonder Girls’ Nobody performance on Mnet M Countdown? just asking ^^ thanks.

    *sorry for double post coz i forgot to tell that your blog is uber nice!!!!*

  6. emman Says:

    hey.. fansite here.. can i ask? do you have a copy of Wonder Girls’ Nobody performance on Mnet M Countdown? just asking ^^ thanks.

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