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[pics] 2 more Sohee pics in green January 13, 2008

here are more pics for this specific photoshoot

[pics] 2 new pics of so hee

credits: bestiz & cutegiurl


18 Responses to “[pics] 2 more Sohee pics in green”

  1. سوهي مره سو بيتفل ilove sohee soo cool sarangy sohee

  2. diana Says:

    ganda naman po wish ko po sana magkita tau

  3. nurizz Says:

    cute .. ❤

  4. princess Says:

    i like so hee but i like sunmi more than so hee…..well…i also like so hee a bit

  5. dyna Says:

    hellow! so hee ur so beutifull and cute kind nice voice… mwaaa… SARANGE…i love you nunsolhande.. so heee nanserandaro..so hee ..love you mwaa..:)

  6. carolay Says:

    so hee es la mas bonita de las wonder (es sierto) ♥ mi ermano se muere por ella es bien linda ♥♥♥☺☻◘◘○○○○

    ♥♥mi msn es : princces_conejitac@hotmail.com
    ♥♥♥♥ okkkk bye ♥ ○◘◘◘.

    kiss for so hee

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