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Wonder Schedule June 5, 2008

Go here to view the schedules for the following months ^_^

January 2009 – December 2009

June 2008 – December 2008

this is a new page that i created that shows WG’s everyday schedule…i just got this schedule from their official site so what’s written here is all from there…and since their site is written in Korean and i cant really see the hangul characters on my pc im just using the google translator which isn’t always 100% correct…anyways better than nothing ^_^…and this is better so that we can know when will they have a performance heheh


im adding the times for their schedule…i got the time from wonderholic itself…since i trust that site im assuming their schedule is accurate….the times are Korean time…

these are the time differences

if…the time in Korea is like that then in Phl. it’s like that hehe got it?

here’s an example

Korea – 12:00 AM

Philippine – 11:00 PM [1 hour difference…Im lucky]

Thailand – 10:00 PM

San Francisco, California, USA – 8:00 AM [that’s huge O_O]

if you want to know a certain time difference for your own country just tell me…

i’ll start with June

here are the legend

Blue Colored Dates – finished schedule

Red Colored Dates – unfinished schedule…or yet to be accomplished

[ ] – these are my comments…

[Broadcast] – when a particular show that WG recorded will air…

[Recording] – when a particular show will be recorded in advance…

[Interview] – when they will have an Interview with the media and stuff…

credits: goes to jype, wonderholic, google[for the crooked translations haha], Not a WG fan.. but & RedMangoLover[ for the other trans of the unfamiliar shows], wgjjang & cutegiurl

The schedule of are girls are packed! it was just a moment ago when June 10 was there free day but it has now 5 meetings! wah!

well 14 was also a free day but not anymore as it has 4 meetings….

Wonder Girls’ Anniversary – February 10,2007

Wonder Girls Member’s Birthdays

Sunmi – May 2, 1992

Sohee – June 27, 1992

Ye Eun – May 26, 1989

Sunye – August 12, 1989

Yoobin -October 4,1988

♥ Wonder Equation ♥ ‘s Birthday – December 25, 2007


96 Responses to “Wonder Schedule”

  1. thalia Says:

    my birthday is the same as sunye. so sunye happy late birthday.

  2. lululove Says:

    that good that they put down their Birthday

  3. Renee Says:

    Wow, Yoo Bin’s birthday is the same as my cousin’s birthday!

  4. Sybs Says:


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