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Free Programs (updated:12-26-08) December 27, 2007

here are free programs that will be very useful to everyone ^_^

Media Player Classic

ok almost all of my vids here are in flv format but it’s still HQ hehehe if you can’t play FLV on your PC then i guess you need to download this…it’s not only an FLV player…it can also play almost all types of files!!here it is!! I recommend it^^


KM Player

here’s another media player recommendation hehe…it’s a korean player but it’s in english ^_^ i am currently in love with this! haha when you minimize it, it will be place on your quick launch on the taskbar ^_^ it’s really awesome! i can listen to music even when the player is in the quick launch ^_^ hehe and you can also get more skins to download for it to suit your taste! i love it ^_^ and same with media player classic…it can play almost all types of files!!! yes! even flv heheh i love it so you should try it!

after downloading this you will have to extract it using WinRar or WinZip…

right click the Rar file[the one that you downloaded] > Click Extract to kmp\ > Cut & Paste the kmp folder to where you want to put it [either C or D or wherever you want] > then open the folder ‘kmp’ > Find the one that has an icon of a blue monitor & create a shortcut of it on the desktop

then voila! it’s done ^_^



K-Lite Codec Pack ver. 4.4.2 Full (the most latest as of 12-26-08)

If you still can’t play the flv files after downloading the two players above then you have to download this codec so that you will be able to play the flv files in any media player ^_^

this latest version lets you play mkv files smoothly ^_^and also this includes the Home Cinema(latest) version of Media Player Classic



ok this is the program that will you guys will need for the I Like It Hot Movie…this programs splits and joins a file….you don’t need to install this once you download it coz it’s only a small program…after downloading this you can use it immediately…are you getting what i mean?






6 Responses to “Free Programs (updated:12-26-08)”

  1. wonder_wonder Says:

    thz for those programs

  2. cutegiurl Says:

    ok thanks achu i’ll keep that in mind ^_^

  3. achu Says:

    you could also post up a link for KMPlayer as an alternative. =)
    it’s also one that can play 99% of video and audio files. it comes along with many video/audio functions as well.

  4. gakikame Says:

    thank you

  5. sya Says:

    is it any good?
    im dlding it anyway since all your videos in flv format
    thanks a bunch ^.^

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