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[NEWS] Here comes the bad news…. January 7, 2010

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I’ve been contemplating during this past week…and i’ve come to a decision…

I will stop updating this blog for the time being

i’ve been very busy with school…making me sleepless and tired

And another reason will be because Wonder Girls doesn’t really have that much new stuffs going on with them…

I will be back maybe in the summer or maybe never…who knows…only I know.(LOL)

Another reason to add up is because there have been a very very few commentors in this blog when there are a lot of downloads of the files….it’s just unfair

i’ve been squeezing this blog in my busy schedule and some people can’t even say ‘thanks’

how hard or time consuming will typing ‘thanks’ be?

as for now…




i am very touched by all the messages that you guys posted here…i’m very thankful to the regular commentors….you know who you are guys/gals and i appreciate you all….(GiGi, sun.hei, ic3chubb3, -lee- and the other regular people hehe) i hope to see you all when i cam back ^_^…

yup i will be back…i’ve made my decision….again haha

I will be back when the Wonder Girls are back and have regular activities in Korea….

now, don’t get me wrong…i still support the girls wherever they are even if i am not updating this blog….it’s just that i’ve been really busy as i am already in my 3rd year of college….and as i get to my 4th year…i will be even busier…


[RAR] EXR – Wonder Toys Official site swf & videos

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titles says it all ^_^ enjoy the download

there are a lot of videos here and swfs too ^_^



[RAR] EXR – Wonder Toys Official site pics

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the compilation for EXR is here….for this good news i will follow up a bad news so stay tune…

in this compilation…it includes the pics, wallpapers and the Wonder Style Book found in the site and some more pics that was released before the release of the site…and also the scans and selca pics from way before…. practically every pic that i have of WG for EXR