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[YT] 12-01-09 The 1st Wonder Concert in Shanghai, China clips December 2, 2009

here are the youtube clips! i am wishing right now that HQ fancams will pop up sooner!! can’t wait to watch Sunmi & Sunye’s performances in HQ!!!

Solo Performances

i still haven’t found a fancam of Ye eun’s performane T_T

Sunmi – Umbrella

Sunye – Never Ever

Sohee – Single Ladies

Yoobin – Sexy Back

All 5 Members Solo Perfs

Group Performances

Intro + I Wanna


This Fool (Ee Babo)

Bad Boy

So Hot

You’re Out

Take It (Ga Jyeo Ga)

Super Lucky Fan!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody (Original & Rainstone Remix)

Wishing on a Star

credits to respective youtube owners



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