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[news] Wrap up of The 1st Wonder Concert in Shanghai, China December 2, 2009

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On the night of December 1st, South Korea’s popular female idol group, Wonder Girls, officially lands on Shanghai Grand Stage, with their “The First Wonder 2009 Asia Tour”. Bring a feast for the eyes’ of the fans, performing hit songs like “Tell Me” & the recent big hit “Nobody”. For the whole of 2hours, the excitement never stops ever since the opening begun, further more with their “juniors” 2PM as the special guests for the concert. Finally, in the cheers & screams of the fans, the concert had ended & was successful.

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Hit Single “Nobody” enlightens the audience’s enthusiasm.
The magnificent stage was put up to showcase Wonder Girls’ charms, specially chose a pretty princess pink theme for it. Using much LED lighting materials, in order to create a dreamy effect for the concert goers. A “T” stage had elongated towards the seats of the audience, to see clearly the charms of these girls from 4 sides of the stage. & at the center of the stage, a gigantic crystal “W” rises from bottom as the concert starts. Judging from about 80% of the people filling up the seats of the Grand Stage, Wonder Girls’ charms are irresistible, opened the concert with fast tracks such as “I Wanna”. Follow on in the next 2 hours of the concert, the girls also sang hit songs like “So Hot”, “Nobody”, “This Fool”, “Tell Me” and many more, leading the fans into a state of craziness.
To thank the fans for their support of “Nobody”, the Wonder Girls had performed 3 different versions of the song including “Romantic Slow Version (aka Rainstone Remix)”, “Elegant Retro Version (aka Normal version)” & “Remix Version”. It was quite a sight to see that the audience the sang along & did the dance moves together.

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Solo Performances Showcase Individual’s Charms
Wonder Girls were excited for this first ever solo concert in China, the girls specially flew back from the US to Korea early to prepare for this concert. Besides performing 20 over songs from their various albums, the girls also performed their individual performance, showcasing the different side of the Wonder Girls.Ye Eun’s “Killing Me Softly” shows off her great vocals, Leader Sunye’s “Never Ever” shows off her charming & sexy side. While the youngest member Sohee, did a cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” showcasing her dancing abilities & sexy dance moves. Rapper Yubin’s “Sexy back” following to the hiphop beats, showcased her sexy vocals & unique rapping skills.

(just an addition by cutegiurl)

Sunmi performed “Umbrella” and showed us a more mature & sexy side of this 4-dimensional girl.

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Hottest Group 2PM As Special Guests
For their first ever solo concert in China, Wonder Girls definitely put in much effort & preparation for it, created the perfect performance & stage for their China fans, and of course, the fans felt their hardworking passion. 2 special segments was introduced in the concert, firstly, special performance by 2PM, performing their latest single “Heartbeat” and hit single “Again & Again”, not forgetting “Hate You”. Along with their dance moves, the fans were indulged by their charming performances. Secondly, was the clip of Wonder Girls’ “disbandment”, fans bursted out in laughter as the “fake news” started playing while the girls were at backstage changing the next outfit.

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Lastly for the encore segment, Wonder Girls changed into a sporting outfits, bade their goodbyes & giving their thank you speeches to the audiences. 5 members used their mandarin skills to give a short little speech to the China fans, “With the support from all fans, we were able to reach here at this point of our lives, Hopefully we’ll have more chance to meet you guys in a bigger stage.” The girls expressed that they hope to comeback to China for another concert,being their first successful concert in China, the feelings were indescribable with words.

{source: ent.qq}

{translation: kazaf10}

plus a pic of Sunye that is not included in the rar (well most pics in this post is not included in the rar)


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