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[YT] Greatest Nobody Cover in the Philippines November 17, 2009

Filed under: stream,Wonder Girls in Philippines,Youtube Clips — cutegiurl @ 9:10 pm

this is definitely the best out of all the covers that Filipinos did…

the girl in white dress is Sarah Geronimo, one of my favorite Filipino singers…she’s just amazing…i love her voice & her personality…she’s pretty & kind too… not to mention very talented…

She performed Nobody in her concert, Record Breaker

don’t mind the dance steps as it’s not really accurate but just listen to her voice…she adds her own flavor to the song…and i really like it ^_^

credits: lovehatecatastrophe


2 Responses to “[YT] Greatest Nobody Cover in the Philippines”

  1. pinkpanther26 Says:

    i’m so happy sarah singed it… i bet she’s a wonderful deep inside

  2. Pike Says:

    youtube deleted it > <
    i still haven't watched it

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