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Filed under: blog news — cutegiurl @ 7:27 am

someone was commenting really bad things about Sohee….you know who you are, don’t even try to badmouth Sohee again as i will never approve your comment…you are just wasting you’re time…and don’t even try to use different names while commenting as i can see your IP address and i can know that it’s only 1 person…

No Bashing in this blog please! Just love for the Girls!

the same person still keeps on bashing Sohee…stop what you’re doing! i can see your IP so it’s no use if you input a different email add & names! i can see you! stop it! you’re just freakin’ jealous! argh! i hate stupid bashers…was it sohee’s fault to be such a doll? and who are you to call her names! you don’t even know who she really is! you’re just jealous!



  1. pinkpanther26 Says:

    why bash our adorable sohee.,
    i’ll defend her till the end
    it’s because sohee is famous
    and very pretty not to mention
    really cute^^

  2. MC Says:

    Why bash Sohee?? 😦

  3. EunSun Says:

    ok hahaha
    we will wait

  4. EunSun Says:

    can’t believe that have someone can say bad things about sohee
    please stop…..

    cutegiur : hqwg.livejournal.com : why i only can see some file in this blog, and all is old files from April 16th, 2009 ..

    • cutegiurl Says:

      well i haven’t uploaded anything recently except for the MVs & 1 Irony perf that i uploaded way way back haha….i was thinking of collecting all performances first before uplaoding ^_^

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