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[blog-news] Super Major Announcement from cutegiurl November 9, 2009

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I am currently collecting ALL performances of the Wonder Girls in TP/TS…and i will be posting all those HD performances in my other blog, HQWG

and that also includes their Music Videos & Special Performances/Stages too…

and also i will be uploading them all only on MEDIAFIRE

i think it was only during the So Hot days that i started saving TP/TS files as i mostly upload FLVs…which i know now are just plain crap….haha TP/TS are the best! LOL

 as of now this is the progress of my hardwork(in searching ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…all are just estimations)



Irony(아이로니)50% (I really need help in completing all Irony perfs…these are the hardest to find)

Sorry Heart(미안한 마음)100% (Since there are only few performances…I have them all)

Tell Me(텔미)68% (i also need help in finding this performances)

This Fool(이 바보)100% (I also have all the Ee Babo performances)

So Hot(소핫)85% (i’m not sure about this…but i think i almost have them all…i am only missing TP files for their performances on YTN LIVE Power Muisc & Mnet..which is not really a big deal…)

Nobody(노바디)86% (i missed some performances for this…& accidentally deleted some TP files too…i’m such an idiot…but anyways i am recollecting them all)

Music Videos – UPLOADED (some of their MVs are not really available in TP…so i guess i’ll just upload what i have…oh and i will also include the MVs wherein our girls are featured in like Sohee for 8eight’s Without a Heart & etc…)

– i have already upload their Music Videos on my HQWG blog a long time ago, but i will update some of it and post the TP files for it so just wait ^_^

Special Performances/Stages (I am not really sure about this but i am trying my best to find them all ^_^)


you guys may be wondering why i don’t update on my other blogs(jypcube & cutegiurltrial[Music Lover]) well that’s because i don’t have the same passion in blogging as i have with this blog….so i won’t be updating those blogs anymore and just stick to my Wonder Girls’ biased blog…haha

for HQ videos of Wonder Girls go to…




18 Responses to “[blog-news] Super Major Announcement from cutegiurl”

  1. bonshier Says:

    wow! i visited this site just recently and it’s really wonderful 🙂
    i’ll visit this site to check on updates everytime with the other wondergirl sites, because this site is made and being run by a filipino.. Let’s continue loving and supporting our beloved WG. I love you sun ye!!! hehe! come visit us here in the philippines ^_^

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