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[torrent+AVI] 11-04-09 Golden Fishery with Wonder Girls & JYP November 6, 2009

Filed under: Golden Fishery,torrents,Wonder Girls — cutegiurl @ 12:59 pm

mediafire links are still being uploaded…

all parts uploaded!

the splitted mediafire links are not the same with the torrent one as i splitted the Full Show recorded by Ental…the Ental version is better than RaVo’s version in terms of quality…

it seems like the next episode will be a continuation of WG & JYP talk….as JYP talks about his insights about girl groups & also about his competitors, SM & YG..and the girls also talks about other girl groups such as SNSD & KARA…. i can’t wait for next week!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mediafire (torrent)

Mediafire: 001 | 002003004005006007

credits: toshare & cutegiurl


10 Responses to “[torrent+AVI] 11-04-09 Golden Fishery with Wonder Girls & JYP”

  1. natsoy Says:

    thanks again for sharing cutegiurl, can i ask where do you download your videos? im searching for yeeuns manwon happiness video in hq but i cant find it everywhere on the net. can you help me? TIA.

  2. MallyJung Says:

    thank you so much^^

  3. mlovesa Says:

    when is part 007 gonna be up???~
    and thank you!

  4. Pike Says:

    yes la hahaha ^^
    finally have you tell me that : at least you had So Hee and Sun Ye @ SBS Quiz Sixth Sense 07.11.18
    will wait your good news ^^
    hope that you can find it soon
    i will check your blog everyday hahaha
    HQ file avi is the best ^^

    About Golden Fishery show, i can’t stop laughing until now when see it again haha
    wait next Ep ( maybe next week ? )

  5. Chobie Says:

    Any idea where the heck Sohee buys her hats?!! Really makes me want one. She looks really cute in it. : P Hehe thanks for sharing.

  6. Pike Says:

    cutegiurl ^^
    i’m Pike from WGCN
    could you check your mess ( PM box ) on WGCN ?
    i sent a mess for you a long time
    but seem that you didn’t check ^^

    • cutegiurl Says:

      oh really? sorry about that…i only go there to download videos & all and i am not really familiar with Chinese so i didn’t know that i have messages in my inbox there…sorry about that…but i already replied to you there so just check your inbox on WGCN ^_^

  7. Legend Says:

    TY cutegiurl! ^x^

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