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[TS] 10-28-09 Wonder Girls – Cafe Mori on SBS Entertainment October 29, 2009

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this is a very huge file! and i am currently uploading it so please do wait for it…my upload speed is so slow as i am using my desktop computer and not my laptop(as my laptop is for downloading purposes only haha)

anyways i will be a true Wonderful and say my opinion honestly…i think the girls don’t look so good in this video….they all look so tired…Sunye & Yoobin’s hairstyle is not doing them justice! argh! and Sohee’s skin don’t look so good too…Ye eun looks older…and i don’t like how they put so much emphasis on the girls’ eyebrows….they look weird….only Sunmi looks good…*sigh*…i just hope that they get the rest they deserve..but no..since they will be flying to China or maybe they are already in China…anyways i hope the girls will really get some rest! they need rest!

anyways despite all that i am happy too see my dorkie girls again! that last moment in the video was so funny! haha our lovable girls! i’ll never get tired of you girls!

UPDATED: ALL parts!Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Mediafire: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004

credits: soompi & cutegiurl


2 Responses to “[TS] 10-28-09 Wonder Girls – Cafe Mori on SBS Entertainment”

  1. Isabel Says:

    yeah THEY NEED REST!!!!!!
    Sunye looks so tired =(….please JYP the girls need some vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for all the videos =)

  2. Pike Says:

    can’t stop laughing at the end of file
    sun mi always so crazy haha

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