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[AVI] 10-08-09 Wonder Girls – 2nd Live Chat on Facebook October 10, 2009

Filed under: videos,Wonder Girls,Wonder Girls @ Facebook — cutegiurl @ 9:47 pm

here is the full live chat!!!! yay!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mediafire: 001 | 002
*download all and join them with HJSplit*

credits: WGCN & cutegiurl


13 Responses to “[AVI] 10-08-09 Wonder Girls – 2nd Live Chat on Facebook”

  1. cliff Says:

    Email me annything to get me connected.

  2. sun.hei Says:

    thanks a lot<3^.^

  3. GiGi Says:

    Thanks! I was bummed when I couldn’t find it on ustream. BTW, the ustream link you previously posted doesn’t work anymore?

  4. angelkamille Says:

    oh yeah 😀 pm me. we need to talk ehehe JYPE stuff. official thing

  5. angelkamille Says:

    by any chance did you record the other parts? or WGCN? 🙂
    please reply to me at my email. 😀

  6. rednow Says:

    thank u so much!!

  7. -lee- Says:

    waahh…You’re awesome!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!! ❤ ^^ -throws confetti- 😀

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