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[info] Wonder Girls 2nd LIVE CHAT! October 2, 2009

Filed under: Pictures,Wonder Girls,Wonder Girls @ Facebook — cutegiurl @ 7:24 pm

yay! Wonder Girls will be having their 2nd LIVE CHAT in Facebook on October 7!!! same time as the 1st one! so i am guessing that for FIlipinos it will be at around 7 AM again T_T argh! i have school!

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i guess we all learned now that we must TYPE in the application on facebook for the LIVE Chat and not on UStream for the girls to see our messages…haha lesson learned i guess!

i was like typing like crazy on Ustream just to know after that, that they were on this application for facebook all the time! and they weren’t able to read the ustream chat!

here is the link to the 2nd event



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