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Girl Groups:Good Luck, Boy Groups:Bad Luck?? September 17, 2009

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What is  happening in the korean music industry today??? Is 2009 a great year for debuting idol girl groups? and is it a bad year for our idol boy groups?

This is just what i observe….just what is happening?!I am not liking this analogy….

A lot of recent events will prove that my analogy is a FACT!

I’ll start with the girls first…

Wonder Girls have been well received in America ever since they were the opening performance for the Jonas Brothers. At first they were only contracted to perform for 13 cities but just after a few performances they were asked to open for all the cities of the JB Tour. And not only in America but also in the Philippines. Their song “Nobody” is becoming a part of the everyday life of Filipinos as you can hear it everytime and anywhere.

The Power Rookie, 2NE1 have been hitting charts ever since debut. All eyes were on them even before they debuted. And eventhough they are just rookies, they garnered a lot of awards from Music Shows & from the Cyworld Digital Music Awards.

Kara was not like other girl groups that instantly rose to stardom. They had mediocre success for their previous singles during the time when Kara was still a 4-member girl group. But with leave of Kim Sung Hee, 2 members were added. Even with the 2 members that have been added, Kara still didn’t achieve the popularity that SNSD or Wonder Girls have. But with all their hardwork and patience, it was now paid off as Kara is now popular and their song “Mister” is really well recieve by netizens. Especially the butt dance for “Mister” and the dirty garage look outfit that shows off their sexy waists. Their story is a very good example that success can not be achieve easily as you have to strive hard and have a lot of patience to achieve what you want.

4Minute‘s popularity sky-rocketed when they released their mini album “For Muzik”. Their song “Muzik” was a total change from their “Hot Issue” concept and thus, it has been well received by the people of Korea gaining them more supporters.

f(x), the newest addition to the girl group battle is also receiving a lot of attention mostly because of Amber, the androgynous member of f(x). Amber makes the girl fans question their gender preferences.  And of course we can not forget SNSD Jessica’s younger sister, Krystal.  And also the young actress, Sulli that starred in “Babo” & “Punch lady”. Oh and we cannot forget SHINee’s Noona, Victoria, that has a lot of work experiences even before she debuted with f(x). Their song “La Cha Ta” is also catchy and it has a very chinese feel to it.


and now onto the boys

Everyone knows the TVXQ VS SM issue that has been happening. So many rumors popped one after the other when this news broke out. Rumors like TVXQ are disbanding and etc. A lot of fans are sadden by this but it’s all up to the court to make the final decision.

We all know the most heartbreaking news that got Netizens, Anti-fans & Hottests to take action on this particular news. 4 years ago, 2PM‘s Park Jaebum posted some negative words about Korea in his myspace page. And by this, many netizens criticized him and some anti-fans even did a suicide petition for him(WTF?!). Just after 4 days this news breakout, Jaebum left 2PM & Korea and headed to his family in Seattle with his last words saying “I’m Sorry” to fans and to all the people in Korea. And by Jaebum’s leave, 2PM cancelled all their solo/group activities as of the moment. Some 2PM’s fans, Hottests, are boycouting 2PM by returning their copy of 2PM’s Album to JYPE and also cancelled their meeting for Nick Khun’s event. And recently, JYP announced that 2PM will continue activities as a 6-member boy group which will make all Hottests feel depressed. Park Jaebum, We will wait for your return…Park Jaebum Fighting!

Big Bang’s Dae Seung was in a car accident not long ago which made him broke his nose again and has injuries almost all over his body.Good thing tat he’s all better now. Dae Seung HwaitinG!

SS501‘s Kim Hyun Joong recently got diagnosed with H1N1 during his stay in Japan. Fortunately, he’s now well and he’s now back in Korea.

and now onto the most recent news that broke out this week…

Super Junior‘s Kang In was said to be involved in a fight in a club. Kang In was strongly defending himself that he is innocent and that he is a victim and an eye-witness of the fight. But with the CCTV video that covered the fight…is he really innocent or was he just covering he’s mistakes?We just all have to find out…





Sorry if this was kinda random…I just wann say what i want to say about this….I am not liking what’s happening to the boy groups…..this is a very harsh year for them….


One Response to “Girl Groups:Good Luck, Boy Groups:Bad Luck??”

  1. ehkang Says:

    i certainly agree with this. i noticed that too, seems like the phrase “life is like a roller coaster” applies to this fact, not all the time you’re on top, sometimes, you can be on the downside of the track… anyways, good luck to the boys, and for the girls, keep it up.

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