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[news] A Man was killed because he didn’t know the song, Nobody September 6, 2009

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this is just too crazy and very saddening! i didn’t expect this from a fellow Filipino? and here i thought korean fans are crazy & obsessive….and yet my fellow Filipino did this? maybe the suspects were on drugs or something…i feel sad for the victim…may he rest in peace

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We all know that the hit song, Nobody by the Wonder Girls is a global phenomenon. But no one would have expected this. A man in the Philippines was apparently stabbed in the stomach and hit in the head till he was almost dead because he didn’t know the song, Nobody.

His name was Leo Santos, 28, and he was killed by 4 men from Tondo, Manila. The knife used was even left in the guy’s body and the whole murder was because he doesn’t know the song ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls.

Santos, an electrician from Mahomas Compound, Tondo, Manila was stabbed 2 times in the stomach and hit to death on 26th August. He died last Thursday at the Memorial Medical Center after succumbing to his fatal injuries..

The Manila Police District-Homicide Section are now looking for the suspects Jansen Maglanque, Jonar Balagtas, Rodolfo Aguas and Joseph (alias) for alleged murder.

According to information released by the investigation team, Leo Santos was walking along the Corregidor Street around 2am when Joseph was singing Nobody by Wonder Girls. Leo asked him, “What are you singing?”

The suspect Joseph got irritated because Leo doesn’t know the song he was singing. Joseph then punched Leo in the face and the other suspects joined in beating Leo to death. One of the suspects (the news didn’t say who) even stabbed Leo in the stomach 2 times before all of them ran away.

The family didn’t report the case immediately, only choosing to make a police report yesterday afternoon because the family decided that taking care of Leo’s hospital issues and funeral arrangement were much more important.

Many thanks to allkpop reader, Ikay Chun for the translation.


3 Responses to “[news] A Man was killed because he didn’t know the song, Nobody”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    omg this is just so crazy and sad at the same time…
    the murderers were probably on drugs or they were drunk..
    RIP. Leo Santos.

  2. JaaanLeeyy Says:

    OMG.. I didn’t expect something like this will happen.

    Condolence for Leo..

    The suspect must be a die hard fan .. (maybe)

  3. MC Says:

    This crazy shit.
    Is Nobody really that big a hit in PH to warrant such an atrocious act?
    This kind of shit might be expected from die hard heavy metal fans, but this is KPop. KPOP!!

    I’m actually interested to see how JYPE will handle this.
    My heartfelt sadness goes to the victim though.

    Dear cutegiurl, please continue to cover this story from your local media sources if there are any updates. Will appreciate that (:

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