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[info] Plans for WonderGirls’ Korean comeback, after end of the American Tour? September 6, 2009

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i want them in Korea now! T_T *sigh* but all i can do now is support them in every decision they make….WG Fighting!

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The WonderGirls have ended their concert performances on their concert tour with Jonas Brothers.

The girls have started their concert tour from Portland with American band Jonas Brothers since 27th June and have ended 46 concert performances on the concert tour on 31st August.

And many asked when will their Korean comeback be.

Their producer Park Jin Young wrote on his Twitter account on 2nd September, together with an uploaded photo of him eating ramyun with the WonderGirls, saying “On our way back to New York”. And currently Park Jin Young is working on group 2PM’s comeback 2nd album set to be released in October.

The plans for WonderGirls are that they will be doing promotions in China during year-end period of 2009. They will be doing a concert in China, there are plans for them to advance into the Chinese music market after advancing into the American music market. The plans for their advance are still in discussions and no details has been confirmed as of now.

Meanwhile, many fans are curious what is the group’s next step after ending their American concert tour and with the news of them doing a concert in China – and when they will be back to Korea to meet their Korean fans.

source : kbites


One Response to “[info] Plans for WonderGirls’ Korean comeback, after end of the American Tour?”

  1. -lee- Says:

    i too want them back in korea – it’s just not the same without them T_T ..but i don’t think that they will be back anytime soon and that makes me sad…anyways good luck to the girls for whatever plans they may have and thank you cutegiurl for posting the article! ^^

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