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[info] Wonder Girls’ debut album on pre-sale NOW! September 3, 2009

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i know, i know….i haven’t been updating for weeks…but it’s just too hard on me to update…i am always so busy to the extent that i don’t sleep just to finish my work….aish i hate college! i just wish time flies so i can now graduate! Well, wondering why i updated just now? that’s because me & my partner completed our “informal defense” today…it’s not that big like a Case Study(that will soon eat our time) and yet it’s making us so stressed out! argh!

anyways i got an email from Silvia Kim,a staff from JYP Entertainment USA and it says

 *oh and i may not be able to update for weeks again…hmm….should i just stop this blog???or maybe i will just update again when they are back in Korea*

please do support our girls! but their album! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hey All Wonder Girls Fans!
Official Announcement from JYP Entertainment:
The www.wondercdpresale.com website is finally up!!! Go check it out! Exclusive promotion for the first 1,000 – buy the Wonder Girls’ debut album pre-sale NOW! 🙂
**Please log in to purchase! If you have any questions, please direct them to: cs@wondercdpresale.com
**Please check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/wondergirlsworld for details too. 
Thank you!
Silvia Kim
JYP Entertainment USA

3 Responses to “[info] Wonder Girls’ debut album on pre-sale NOW!”

  1. anhpham24 Says:

    PLEASE DONT STOP THIS BLOG!! update whenever you can, cause education is important. you’ll make up the updates somehow so dont trip. i’ll happiply wait these updates.

  2. xoxokira Says:

    i agree with MC, i also think that WG will do great in Korea, not like I don’t want them making it BIG in US, but, u know what I mean… I just want them back in Korea asap, i missed seeing them perform in korean shows like Music Bank/Core, Inkigayo, etc…

    and yea,, me too… I don’t dig them singing their Nobody in english ver. it’s way too much better in korean…

  3. MC Says:

    Welcome back cutegiurl!

    CD looks interesting, but not really into them singing in english..

    In fact, i’m not into them for the whole period they were in The States as well.
    It feels as though they have left the Korean music scene in search for greener pastures. It was way nicer when we used to see them on Music Bank, Inkigayo etc.
    JYP said it himself that he wanted to keep the Korean feel of the Wonder Girls instead of Americanizing them. But look at our girls now, speaking all slangy in English and parading with Disney’s factory made, whiny love song singing, Jonas brothers.

    Don’t get me wrong now, i’m still as big a WG fan as i’ve been. And I greatly appreciate you continually updating us with WG’s news. But I just wished that they would come back to Korea and be Korea’s ‘little sisters’ like they used to be.

    So if you decide to update only when they return to Korea, you have my support, although I’ll miss checking back here every now and then to see if you have updated. Haha

    But please, for the love of WG-od don’t stop this blog alright!

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