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[AVI] 08-21-09 Wonder Girls – Interview on MBC Section TV August 22, 2009

i downloaded this full episode of Section TV ecause of Yunho’s Heading to The Ground Cast Interview and I didn’t know that WG were intervewed also for Section TV..and i was lucky ahha so i cut this off from the full episode myself ^_^

AVI only…the TP file fo rthis is almost 1 GB! and i can’t upload that file it’s too big O_O anyways i’m happy to see them speak in korean and be their dorkie selfs! gah! oh and i spot some MiSo action! bwahahah Sunmi running to Sohee to hug(?) her when Sohee says to her to back off haha and then Sohee says to the camera that she(Sunmi) likes women hahahah!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


credits: movierg & cutegiurl


4 Responses to “[AVI] 08-21-09 Wonder Girls – Interview on MBC Section TV”

  1. angelkamille Says:

    heya dude! long time!~ anyway.. thanks 😀 just stoppping bye

  2. nemo Says:

    thank u

  3. -lee- Says:

    thank yooouuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  4. noV Says:

    thanks a lot for this… ^^

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