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[twitter] WG updates – 6th WG member?! August 13, 2009


here’s a pic with the 6th member! Mama Jonas! lol

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

“Me and Yubin hahahahahaha I wanna take a picture with my Sohee but she doesn’t want me! 치치치치치치치치”

gah i love it when she said “My Sohee” Sunmi loves sohee so much ^_^ gah! i love MiSo!

oh and Kristen is one lucky girl! Mimi claims her as hers! gah! if you don’t know Kristen well she’s the lucky girl who got the gift that Sunmi bought for the winners in a contest on facebook & myspace and also she got to meet & hang out with WG on the JoBros Concerts for many times! gah she’s so freakin’ lucky T_T

  Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: twitter & cutegiurl


2 Responses to “[twitter] WG updates – 6th WG member?!”

  1. WonderAb Says:

    um instead of sending you pictures separately here can i just add you on facebook??
    i put up an album.
    and for the videos ill have to send you those later they’re still uploading. -_-

  2. WonderAb Says:

    Ok so my birthday is the same day as Sunye’s and I was having a really good birthday (usually I just have normal ones) and so i thought it can’t get better than this (other than the concert but that was my birthday present)
    Okay so I went to the verizon bus dance teaching and they drove in on a golf cart and THEY LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL. Like oh m ygod. I died right there. Yeeun and yoobin and Sunye waved at everyone so enthusiastically while MiSo just walked and smiled a bit.
    Then they said the normal things like hey thanks for coming out…etc..it’s hot out here right? and I said YOU’RE so hot!
    Which they heard and laughed at and I swear they’re just so great! Then they proceeded to teach us the dance which of course I already knew (even though they changed up the steps a little for the english version) and they said that SunMi would pick one person and Sohee would pick one person to dance with them and get a special prize (which was a signed poster) And so SunMi picked a random girl from the left side and Sohee picked my friends little sister (grr!!! My friends lil sis doesn’t even like Sohee :(((() And they introduced them and danced and gave them the posters. After that there was literally less than 10 minutes of them to take pictures with and sign stuff so I only got to get 3 autographs cause there was no time and everyone kept shoving and stuff. But I did give Sunye her presents and cookies that we baked for her and she was genuinly grateful but then was bombarded by fans so I didn’t get her autograph. And next to her was Sohee who was just kind of standing there in the beginning of the signing stuff cause Sunye and Yoobin were next to her and everyone was crowding around them. So I went up to Sohee cause no one was asking her for an autograph and she signed my CD and said thank you quietly (she was reaaally shy and quiet same as SunMi they didn’t really talk that much at all) and after I asked her my friend asked her to sign her drawings (she drew each member and they were SUPER GOOD!) and Sohee looked at the drawing and was like “oh you draw?!” IT WAS SO CUTE HAHAH. and then I got Yoobins sign and SunMi’s sign at the very last minute cause they were rushing to leave by the assistants and SunMi stole my pen for like 15 seconds after she signed my CD and then realized that she still had it and shyly gave it back to me :DD. Then theyleft and I didn’t see them until the concert. (after the dance teaching we went to my friends aunts korean restaurant WHICH THE GIRLS AND JYP AND STAFF ATE AT THE NIGHT OF SUNYE’S BIRTHDAY!!).
    Okay so at the actual concert Honor Society performed first then the wonder girls. They sang Tell Me!! I was super shocked I couldn’t really understand what they were saying cause everyone was so loud around us. After Tell Me they stopped and said introductions and taught the Nobody dance and etc (I have fan cams that I’ll upload later cause my computers not working well right now) and did Nobody and then intro-ed the JoBros and left. But at section 118 they said they were having a fan meet and greet so we went tehre early and waited and they came out and took pictures with us and talked to us and said thanks for coming etc things like that.
    I’m going to leave it at that cause my computers breaking down every other 5 minutes but I’ll come back and add details and what not.

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