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[Tiwtter] Wonder Girls in the Philippines?! July 27, 2009

ok i actually sent JYP a message again on twitter saying that wonder girls should visit the philippines even for a short while as Nobody can be heard all over our country….and his reply was…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
it’s actually “i’ll try” maybe he just mispelled it hehe…but at least there is a chance!!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: twitter & cutegiurl


7 Responses to “[Tiwtter] Wonder Girls in the Philippines?!”

  1. WonderAb Says:

    Okay thanks I got really sad last night cause I realized that detail.
    but now I’m pumped again!
    I now have the perfect opportunity to wear my WG shirt from Forever21!

  2. WonderAb Says:

    I’m a little confused.. can you help me out?
    On the wondergirls official site, on the schedule it has a list of all the concerts of the JoBros tour.
    yet on their myspace it just has 13 concerts.
    the concert that im going to not being one of those 13..
    so can you help me out and tell me if i completely just wasted money on tickets or if the wonder girls are going to be there at the concert that im going to..?
    idk if i worded the question right.. buti hope you get what i mean.. lol.

  3. WonderAb Says:

    Oh no we only went to Manila for ONE DAY :((((
    and then Cebu for 2 days.
    cause it was a tour so we couldn’t roam freely even though half of our tourists were filipinos and they couldve taken us around.
    we didn’t even go to the mall of asia.
    but it was ok we still had fun.

    oh! and i would like to mention that ill be going to the jonas brothers concert in san antonio texas and ill see the wonder girls!! (actually the whole reason im going is for the wonder girls..haha) so ill take pictures and video if i can!!
    although on the ticket it says no audio or video allowed.. but ill sneak it for the good of wonderfuls.

    • cutegiurl Says:

      oh is that so? what a pity…honestly there are a lot of great & unpolluted places unlike Mania hahaha anyways please do take great photos & videos! heheh

  4. WonderAb Says:

    Aw man I just got back from the philippines!

    It’s so exciting that you get messages back from jyp himself!

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