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a very ‘Nobody’ week July 25, 2009

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i had a party last night from 7 PM until midnight…that’s why i didn’t have time to post but i was actually waiting for their Ever clips and i watched it before i leave haha ^_^


i’m gonna tell you how Wonder Girls’ Nobody dominated our country this past week…i actually had a very ‘Nobody’ week….lol….last Monday on my way to school…i heard Nobody(English version) in our radio inside the school bus hahaha i was so psyched! one of my schoolmates were actually singing along and i heard clapping sounds! which means he was dancing! yes it’s a he haha!

and then last Wednesday there was a Play made by the Humanities students that we watched and during one of their bloopers or NG moments they played Nobody(Korean version) and goof around haha it was funny & i was happy they played the song but they kinda ruined it haha! but it was ok…

and lastly, last night during the Party, Nobody(korean version) was played for 2 or 3 times and people were dancing along! the party was a blast for others lol i am not really a party animal…i’m the type of person who will eat and watch the people dancing on the dance floor and made fun of them hahahah! but it was fun ^_^

Nobody is really popular now! i can hear Nobody anywhere! haha even in school! how cool! even if 2NE1 is Top 2 on MYX….Nobody is everywhere!


One Response to “a very ‘Nobody’ week”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    haha that’s cool^^ i’m glad the girls getting popular in everywhere!:)
    i hope someday they will play Nobody in my country’s radio too..hehhe *dreaming*

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