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[pics+YT] Wonder Girls Magazine Interviews July 22, 2009

3 magazine interviews…well 4 actually if you include the Popstar! Online(i think it’s kind of a mag too…not sure)

anyways here are the clips


on J-14 mag

J-14 Video Exclusive: Meet the Wonder Girls!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us 

Say hi to Sohee, Sun, Mimi, Yenny, and Yubin aka the Wonder Girls! The girls stopped by the J-14 office this morning to chat about everything from being away from their home country of South Korea to their tour mates, the Jonas Brothers. In fact, J-14 was one of their first American magazine interviews ever.

Besides their awesome fashion sense (Psst! They even changed outfits in the J-14 office for their next meeting), they girls were super sweet and totally hilarious. Check out their shout-out just for J-14ers:

Don’t forget to catch the Wonder Girls opening for the Jonas Brothers this summer on their World Tour.

What do you think about the Wonder Girls? Are they someone you want to read more about in J-14?

  on M mag

Hey M girls!  Image Hosted by ImageShack.us  

We just got done chatting with the super-talented group Wonder Girls! The band is originally from South Korea, but their single “Nobody” has been a huge hit here in America — so huge, in fact, that they’re now on tour with the Jonas Brothers! They even gave us some juicy inside info on the boys! The Wonder Girls told M that Nick is the best baseball player, but all three of the guys are super-competitive! Definitely make sure to check Wonder Girls out on tour with JB this summer!  

 on TWIST mag

JB’s opening act Wonder Girls stopped by TWIST office to say hi! The group’s first single “Nobody” is on iTunes NOW!


The Wonder Girls give TWIST a little taste of their live performance of “Nobody.” To see the full-length performance, catch the girls on tour with JB all summer!


and other interview


on allkpop


credits: to all video owners @ youtube & etbbong


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