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[YT] Wonder Girls’ Nobody on Philippine TV once again! July 20, 2009

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image pic credit: allkpop


I actually watched this on my TV(the ASAP one though)! both rival music programs, SOP & ASAP performed Nobody on the same day!

SOP Beautiful Girls….they actually performed the Official English version! there are too many girls….but i’m happy that they performed the official english version!

credits: langgingmahal

ASAP IT girls….they sang the fanmade english version….but they are better in the dance steps compared to the SOP Beautiful Girls….but they still need to practice lol! i am more of a Kapamilya (Channel 2, ASAP) than a Kapuso (Channel 7, SOP) hehe since the artists on Channel 2 are way better than Channel 7…..anyways they still need work though…but they are forgiven since they are pretty! nyahahaha

credits: carminiwithlove99


2 Responses to “[YT] Wonder Girls’ Nobody on Philippine TV once again!”

  1. pinkpanther26 Says:

    i accidentally watched it last sunday in SOP and i’m so glad i opened the TV.. when i heard the sound of nobody i was so excited and so happy (i’m a certified kapuso lol), and i endorsed WG to my family members, i’ve been in Wonderful fan mode again…

    wonder girls fighting!!!

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