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[YT] Wonder Girls Interview English Backstage Jonas Brothers Concert 2009 July 10, 2009

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interview with Wonder Girls! i still haven’t watched it yet…i have a lot of homework to do….

ok ye eun is a natural in this! her english is so great! the girls really improved a lot! it doesn’t even look like it’s scripted anymore….from what i see, i think they just answer the questions on the spot! great job girls! but MiSo is so quiet here….maybe because it isn’t scripted anymore….hehe

credits: BryanStars


2 Responses to “[YT] Wonder Girls Interview English Backstage Jonas Brothers Concert 2009”

  1. sun.hei Says:

    yup their english is really improving but i hoped i can hear more from Miso..but Yeeun look so comfortable with it & Yoobin and Sunye’s english is good too but i think Sunye was nervous^^
    anyways i’m so happy to see them improving day by day and can’t wait for more interviews!=]
    thx thx

  2. -lee- Says:

    great interview! i just love how the girls keep improving, it shows how hardworking they are! ^^ maybe next time we’ll hear more from MiSo too… Wonder Girls Hwaiting!!
    thank you for posting! 🙂

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