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[info] Nobody fever hits the Philipines! July 4, 2009

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well it’s been getting popular lately…just want to post it formally….

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since Sandara was well known here in the Philippines…it’s not a problem for “Fire” to get the 3rd spot…but it’s sill a great song anyways haha…well but i am still surprise that our country has been finally hit by the Nobody Fever! i bet it will spread faster than Swine Flu or also called as H1N1…it is on no. 19…what surprise me is the Top 20! lol…Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior! that was a total shocker! now Kpop is really going in our country! and i’m loving it!  just now i watched WG’s Nobody MV in our TV as in! in our very own TV!!!! and it’s subbed…but the korean parts is just romnized hehe so it’s like the Karaoke version


here is a clip of a band singing Nobody in a hotel…

credits: janiz05


One Response to “[info] Nobody fever hits the Philipines!”

  1. coffeemilkcafe Says:

    OMIGOD!!!!! The video is soooo cool.haha,, where is that place? i want to go there and listen to this band sing ‘NOBODY’! hahaha~ galing! >,<

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