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[YT] Stalker Fancam of Wonder Girls in Vancouver July 2, 2009

Park Oppa doesn’t suit ye eun anymore! Sexy park will be the right one! or Gorgeous Yenny! she’s just drop dead gorgeous! look at her and that brown floral dress! so gorgeous! OMG! i’ve been overusing the word “gorgeous” for ye eun lately! hahah i can’t help it! she’s just getting prettier and prettier each day!


and well she’s the Queen of Fan service! another title for our Ye eun! haha ^_^ she’s just so nice…but the other members are so nice as well! Sohee waved to the guy that was recording them and yoobin took a pic with a fan before entering their tour bus….they are all so pretty! gah! but ye eun have a lot of moments here ^_^ well she’s the queen of fan service anyways ^_^ that’s what she does! hehe

this is one of my favorite fancams!

credits: ejtag1


One Response to “[YT] Stalker Fancam of Wonder Girls in Vancouver”

  1. noV Says:

    Ye Eun is so hot rite now…

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