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[Twitter] JYP’s major Announcement!! July 1, 2009

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i am sooooo freakin’ happy for the girl!! as in really! i am so happy i’m crying! gah! i was so excited when i rad thison twitter!!!! this is really a big chance for them to gain more fans in America! i’m so happy! and i’m so envious of all the people that got a chance to meet WG! gah! please bring them to the Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!

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creits: followJYP @ twitter


2 Responses to “[Twitter] JYP’s major Announcement!!”

  1. MC Says:

    It’s great they’re getting so much publicity as they perform out there! But Jonas Brothers??
    They make me puke in my shoes.. ;D

  2. michelle Says:

    lol… i see why the girls were so great tonight =]
    and hey.. i have some videos up… for the WGs @ Vancouver 30th


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