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[info+pics] Exclusive Photos, Video and Fan Account from a Wonder Girls FAN*tastic at Tacoma Dome June 30, 2009

these are all from Jessica B and not from me…lol the Big Headed Sohee & the real sohee is sooooooo cute

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so i applied to become one of the wonder girls’ fan*tastic and was chosen! i literally had a heart attack when amanda from jyp called me to tell me the good news <3. a few of my closest friends LOVE LOVE LOVE the wonder girls too and so i told them they should apply to be part of the wonder girls fan*tastic too 🙂 they applied in a group for one video and were also called by amanda ! we we’re definately excited and shocked that we would all be going to meet the wonder girls!


so at 9 p.m, we arrived at the front of the tacoma dome with our fan signs we each made to give to the girls. one of my friends, josh, had this huge sohee head that he got as a gift and brought it along. he actually had tickets and so he watched the wonder girls perform and watched most of the show, but unfortunately he had to leave sohee’s head outside because security told him it was too big to bring inside and so i had to go find it under the ramp :(. thank goodness it was still in mint condition and no one stole it…and so me, my friends josh, alice, christina, and caroline waited outside as we’re told to wait there until one of the staff members come and while we wait, the back door was open and so we were watching the jonas brothers perform! i believe the girl that came to get us was amanda and she is actually the wonder girls’ wardrobe manager! she was so sweet, many thanks to her for allowing this oppurtunity for us fan*tastics :). we also met with the other five fan*tastics and they were really nice and chill. after waiting about half an hour a staff member comes and we’re divided into two different groups; my four friends and i/the other 5 fan*tastics. our group went first and we were so excited we couldn’t help but scream and try to get in front of each other HAHA. we got through the back were there were plenty of security and walked through a narrow hallway and up the elevator. right when we get out we turned right and there was the wonder girls’ dressing room!

i was so nervous and we were told to wait outside while one of the staff members went inside. all of us were getting really anxious and the staff member finally came out and said we would only have 5 minutes of autographs, pictures, and whatever else. well what was supposed to be 5 minutes actually lasted around 10-15 minutes i believe, or atleast it felt like it! we walked inside and all of us literally died a little inside HAHA. they were absolutely gorgeous and flawless. all of them were smiling and honestly i thought it would be a little akward since they’re so famous but they were so comfortable being around! we all got in and shook all the girls’ hands and they were wearing their gorgeous sparkly red dresses <3. but what’s so unbelievable to all of us was how gorgeous they were in person. i always thought they were super gorgeous but they literally are the most gorgeous girls i have ever seen…pictures don’t do justice for how beautiful the girls are :)! after we got in they were so shocked to see a giant sohee head, especially sohee! the staff members were a bit shocked too haha. we all start to take individiual pictures with the wonder girls, i felt hideous standing next to the girls and i wasn’t wearing heels so i look really short in the pictures, they’re just too pretty…after the pictures it was the best 10 minutes of my life, they’re was no akwardness at all as the girls were willing to sign alot of autographs and take individual photos with everyone! the girls all seemed really happy and it was nice to see them so cheerful! i was able to get an individual shot with each member which i’m really happy about :). while we were going around the room doing each of our things, my friend caroline yells “OMG ITS JYP!” we all turn around and he was in the room the WHOLE time just leaning against the makeup table just watching us! he seemed more shocked than us when we all screamed haha, and of course we had to take a picture with him :)!

there were a few cute moments that happened while we were in the room,

1. my friend josh is sohee’s biggest lover out there, and with his giant sohee head and his sohee t-shirt he had on, he had to take a individual picture with sohee. and so first jyp took a picture of the giant sohee head with the real sohee with his iphone! then josh took a picture with sohee and the head, it was seriously so cute <3. sohee didn’t seem shy at all and she was willing to sign the giant head and josh’s t-shirt..while he was wearing it!

2. i saw a sunmi and jyp moment, way too cute. while i was taking candid pictures, i turn to where jyp was sitting at. my friend alice printed out pictures to get signed and one of the pictures was the one where the girls were wearing smokey makeup and short dresses (i can’t find the picture online, sorry!). jyp kept gasping and pointing at the picture in shock and sunmi just kept jumping up and down gently hitting jyp on the shoulder while smiling and frowning! way too cute. i love how jyp always jokes around with them 🙂

after all the pictures, autographs, and what seemed like a long time, we had to leave so the next group of fan*tastics could meet them :(. we were all so sad to go and jyp told us we should make a twitter and add all the girls! the girls were so sweet, they waved goodbye and we left. while going out we were all dazed and out of it thinking “did this really happen!?”

last night was the most memorable night i have ever experienced. my story along with the pictures cannot do justice of how amazing, beauitful, and warm-hearted the girls truly are. i have faith in them and i know they will become successful in america! the wonder girls deserve all the best and i’ve grown alot more respect and love for the girls. let’s all continue to support the wonder girls <3!

-jessica b.

Big thanks to Jessica B for sharing her awesome story and photos and VIDEO!


4 Responses to “[info+pics] Exclusive Photos, Video and Fan Account from a Wonder Girls FAN*tastic at Tacoma Dome”

  1. Sherri Says:

    You are so, SO lucky!! I hope I get a call too 😦

  2. sharon Says:

    that’s so cool.. i would’ve signed up for FAN*tastic too but they are not having any concerts near where i live 😦 hopefully, next time when they have a concert, i’m not too busy so i can make a trip…

    one question though, do you know where we can get a wg shirt? is it only for the FAN*tastic people?

  3. chanmi Says:

    awww! ur soooo lucky~

    when did you get the reply?? and did you get a email reply too? you didn’t need to buy a ticket? and they let you print out all those photos? did you where a wg shirt?

    aghh! sorry for all the questions but i’m just so curious!

  4. hawnie2 Says:

    Jessica, you are so lucky girl! How was the girls English skills?

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