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[info] I JUST CAME BACK FROM JB CONCERT – a Fan account June 30, 2009

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ok!….so my seats was right beside this underground stage entrance place. i could poke my head through the railings or lean over to see who’s coming out. Some band name honor society came out and then jordin sparks came out from that same entrance too. then we saw jyp come out of the entrance wtaching the show standing with his hands on his hips and i waved and he waved back! my brother or someone wanted his autograph but he said to us “after the show!”. So me and my cousins kept our eyes on that entrance in case the girls enter the stage from there. but they didn’t. they entered from wayyy over at the other side of the stage. JB’s father introduced the girls and they came on, started talking and then ye eun taught everyone the nobody dance! her english sounded very good!! anyway, they performed nobody only. there was some sort of delay from the very beginning so i think thats why they didn’t perform Tell Me.

Then i sat there, watched the jonas brothers, and someone suddenly yelled WONDER GIRLS! and i looked over the railing, i made out the silhouette to be ye eun because i recognize her styled up nobody hairstyle. then there was more light and i see that ye eun and sunye is standing at that entrance way watching and dancing to the jonas brothers. i waved frantically and ye eun waved at me! then ye eun and sunye was covering themselves cuz the jonas brothers was spraying some foam stuff on the audience. then i got out my things for her to sign, I tried to reach as far down as i could and she tried to reach up but she almost slipped from the slippery floor.Then I dropped it down for ye eun. my picture landed on the floor and the floor was already covered with the yucky foam which is my my picture with their autographs as you can see, is dirty. ye eun signed it and then reached as high as she could to give it back to me. and i said “i love you!” and she said “thank you!” then ye eun signed my cousin’s things and i gave my paper back to her and yelled “sunye” and pointed to sunye so ye eun could give it to sunye to sign. and sunye did! both and ye eun was signing a bunch of things and worker was shining his flashlight for them to see so they could sign. and then i reached my hand as far down as i could and ye eun and I touched fingers! then sunye and ye eun went back inside and we waved and they waved.

We lined up at an autograph table hoping that it’s wg but the people said it was prepared for honor society to sign autographs. so then we waited and they announced that honor society’s autograph signing was cancelled and we went outside and caughtthe girls getting into their tour bus. i recorded the whole thing on my camcorder. later on i rewatched it and it was dark but i think inside the bus, Sunmi took a picture of something in the bus, or the crowd outside. then i tried to go to fairmont hotel where i heard they were staying but no one was there. then i followed some tourbuses to this parking lot and my cousin got out of the car to go see if they’re there but the tourbus they were in was empty. they must have changed cars and went to eat or something.

I can’t believe i saw the wonder girls with my own eyes.I interacted with sunye and ye eun. OHHHH YE EUN AND SUNYE POSED FOR MY BROTHER TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THEM. the picture, which i don’t have, will be posted soon.

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credits: monicaaaa


2 Responses to “[info] I JUST CAME BACK FROM JB CONCERT – a Fan account”

  1. KMG Says:

    Wow! and hey would you be able to tell me which side got sprayed with the foam? like which sections? thanks 😛

  2. bnk Says:

    Oh ! so lucky

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