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[YT] Wonder Girls – Nobody & Tell Me (English versions!) on 06-27-09 Jonas Brothers Concert in Portland June 29, 2009

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here are some fancams! gah! i want to hear a clearer version of the English version of Tell Me

updated with more fancams!you can now hear what Papa J said while introducing the Wonder Girls!

i am so touched!


credits: RadHawaiians

Tell Me

credits: DDKu2cru

credits: iHEARTaMISTERkim


Tell Me

this fancam is really clear

credits: Jasonyoon8 @ YT


it’s quite shaky but the sound is really clear!

credits: iHEARTaMISTERkim @ YT




credits: atirakim @ YT

you can hear the cheers at the beginning on this clip ^_^

continuation of the clip above

credits: DELINNERZ @ YT

credits: DDKu2cru @ YT

Tell Me

credits: DDKu2cru @ YT

credits: atirakim @ YT



2 Responses to “[YT] Wonder Girls – Nobody & Tell Me (English versions!) on 06-27-09 Jonas Brothers Concert in Portland”

  1. krysti Says:

    WOW! America do have great technology. I can hear their English very clear and OMG! The performance give me so much goosebumps. I was so nervous to watch them but I know that they were going to do an AMAZING job. I’m so proud of them. I’m like screaming my head off. Thank you for all the fancams.

  2. lolagurl Says:

    omg!! they sounds great..i can understand nobody really well..but tell me i couldn’t but i feel like the song is very energetic even though i hear millions of times…sigh..so proud of them and so glad that people cheer for them!!!! thanks for positing 😀

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