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A dream inside a dream June 29, 2009

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It was a dream inside a dream….My dream was really messy so please do deal with it…and it jumps haha

I must’ve been pretty excited with everything that’s happening to them to the point that I dreamed about them.

This is I think my 1st dream only about WG.

It was a pretty crazy dream….I just hope that this won’t happen to the girls…the last part of my dream was so funny with the spoon  and all…

In my dream, I was dreaming that i met Wonder Girls during one of their Jonas Brothers Tour

This is how it goes….

I met Wonder Girls in their pink glittery Nobody outfits. I was talking to them in English but got little response…I was talking about having this blog called “WGhahaha” and how it almost have 2 Million hits…
I showed them my blog through my laptop and then Ye eun said that she knows that blog and that they visit that blog every now and then…As i talk i keep on telling them that i came from the Philippines but no one seems to understand what i was saying.
And so, i said “Star King? Philippines?” and then Sunye & ye eun were like “Ahhhhhh~”…I thought of saying Star King, because I know that they were giving Plane Tickets to the Philippines as the prize for their contest.
And then i thought of blogging about how i was with WG and how the name of my blog was actually “Wonder Equation” and when i was about to say to them my real blog’s name, there was a sudden change of settings in my dream.
Wonder girls,their manager & JYP were suddenly in the airport. Their manager got a call that one of their opening act performances for the JoBros Concert got cancelled And by the looks of his face he was so happy about it.
He was so happy because the girls can rest now. Wonder Girls had been performing non-stop for consecutive days to the point that, if they perform one more they will all be at their limits. Everyone was so happy and relieved until JYP came.
JYP has a horrified look on his face when he met the group. And then he said that the show wasn’t cancelled, and that they will perform in Seatle instead of Portland.
When everyone heard the place “Seattle” their expressions were the same with JYP, horrified. The explanation for their expressions is that Seatle is not a good place to perform as they are not really into music and such.
And that it will be very hard for the girls to grow their fame there.

In a split second, we were in Seattle. Everyone was in a circle except for me. Wonde rGirls were looking around the stadium just to know that the place was almost empty. Only the bottom level of seats were filled. And then everyone was back in the circle again with JYP leading a prayer.
Everyone was so nervous including me, I was in the very front row during WG’s performance. You can see in their faces the stress, nervousness & sleeplessness in their expressions. Then their manager suddenly talked to Sunye saying that they shouldn’t have any mistakes at all. Since they were not really in a good mood, Sunye got irritated and change her position to get away from the manager.
When the music started they all tried to compose themselves by giving a smile to the audience.
The audience was almost dead. No one was responding even if Sunye says “Screeeaaam~!” Only little claps can be heard. Wonder Girls was losing confidence and they all look into each other’s faces and agreed to one certain decision. It seems like they did telepathy because they arrive at one solution.
All the members spread out and went to the seats of the audience so that they can dance & interact with the audience. There were some who stood up and danced along. Some were singing and clapping loudly. But there are still some who sits there like they don’t give a damn.

At last, the song ended. I congratulated the girls for doing a good job. Some of the members were relieved because their performance already ended and they can rest. Except for Sunye, She sat in a chair thinking about all the mistakes she did at their performance and was really regretting her actions and then she went inside to change.

Sunmi was the first to come out after changing. She may have forgotten that I was still there because she came out very embarassed wearing very little clothes when she saw me. She was only wearing sleevelees and shorts. And then I said to her that it was fine by me and then we chatted a little until Sohee came out wearing sleeveless too and shorts feeling proud about her features(her beautiful body).
I then asked the two of them if they could take a pic with me and then they agree. We went in front of a huge mirror and take pictures there. When i hold up my supposedly camera, it turns out to be a spoon. So i said to them to wait so that i could get the camera but when i hold it up again to take a shot, it was still a spoon. I said again to them to wait and this time I got my camera & my cellphone.
When i went back to the two of them Sohee was already sitting. She was very impatient so she decided not to take the picture and just sat there. I said to her that this may be the last chance i get to meet them and i was pleading her to take a pic with me. When another Sohee suddenly shows up but she has shorter hair. And then there was 2 Sohee sitting lazily. I took a pic of the short-haired Sohee but the original Sohee reacted as if she was the one i took a pic of.
And then I started blackmailing her saying that I will post the pic on my blog if she don’t agree to take a pic with me & Sunmi. I said that out of nowhere and I didn’t really mean to blackmail her but she then agreed.

My dream ended there! It ended right before Sohee stood up to take a pic with me.


3 Responses to “A dream inside a dream”

  1. coffeemilkcafe Says:

    now, that was realllllllyyyyyyyyy crazy and weird and funny! lol at the spoon! it only shows how you loveeeee to eat that even in your dream with WG you brought a spoon! hahaha! ^o^

  2. sun.hei Says:

    yeah..that’s crazy..:D
    but lol at the spoon i laughed so hard at itxD
    thx for sharing with us^^

  3. Kristen Says:

    Wow, that’s one crazy dream! And very hilarious ^^
    Man, it would be so awesome to meet the girls :3

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