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[info+pics] A fan account about meeting WG on the JoBros Concert June 28, 2009

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They performed Tell me and Nobody in English! Their English was pretty good, especially for foreigners. However, I think for the Jonas Brothers fans it was kind of weird since they had no clue who they were and what was going on. However, the MC guy introduced it really well; he said that music is great and inspiring all around the world and how WG were superstars in Asia. They wore their purple dresses for Tell Me and their gold ones for nobody! My friends and I shouted/screamed “TELL ME TELL ME!” and “NOBODY BUT YOU” really loudly, plus we did the dance so all the people looked at us strangely . However Yoobin waved at us.

At the end they signed autographs!

We waited long, My friends and I seriously walked the whole place and then waiting in the parking garage for them, only to find out they were signing autographs in the lobby! We ran past the place to get in line and screamed “WONDER GIRLS!” so they all waved at us!
They were pretty nice, but seemed super tired/exhausted. They also seemed kind of uncomfortable, but they were probably just awkward since it was their first concert in the US and they weren’t used to it. Though I did speak in Korean to them
I asked to stand next to YeEun in my picture and my friend said Yoobin looked at me funny when I did (since no one else had a request lol). But YeEun was like “Oh I gots ya I gots ya” in English when I asked . At the end my friends and I all shouted “WONDER GIRLS! SARANGHAE!” and they all smiled and waved. Sunye waved and smiled for really long though, until we were out of sight!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I also met JYP! He was super nice and cool. He cooly leaned against the wall playing with his phone. But he laughed at everything I said. I asked him to bring 2pm and he laughed and I told the white security gaurd that he was the Korean Michael Jackson and he laughed! LOL


credits: Colorful @ soompi


One Response to “[info+pics] A fan account about meeting WG on the JoBros Concert”

  1. parnee Says:

    hahahahahahaha at your last paragraph! You’re a funny one! 🙂

    It’s so cool how you went to support them and got to meet them! 🙂 Seems like they really appreciated it. I would have so done the singing and dancing too if I was there. hehe YAY I am so proud of the Wonder Girls! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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