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[pics+info] Rosie meets Wonder Girls (fan account) June 23, 2009

WARNING! Do Not Be Jealous!

haha anyways i am soooooooooooooo jealous!! gah Rosie is soooooooo lucky! she talked & hang out with WG for 45 mins.! as in 45 mins.! wow! and i would die if i will see Sohee getting sleepy beside me! gah!!!!! that’s so adorable! anyways Ye eun is as friendly as ever…well we all know that ^_^ i am just so freakin’ jealous!


that’s so girly of our Park Appa liking Hello Kitty! haha what would Min Omma say about that? haha

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more pics under the cut

Okay, so I’m just going to write the fulllll story, because I know people will probably have questions like how I got there, where was I, etc.

My friends and I planned on coming to the Dallas Jonas Brothers show for a LONG time.
We’ve all been fans for years, and they said it was going to be a very special show, with extra guests and such.

We all arrived on Thursday, and pretty much went straight to hang out at the venue (Dallas New Cowboys Stadium), as it was across the street form our hotel. We were hoping to see/meet JB or Honor Society (their opening band). Pretty much the only thing that happened was that we ended up finding out that there was going to be a dress rehearsal the next day, and that a few people were going to be able to go and watch- but that it was friends and family only.

On Friday (the day of the dress rehearsal), we decide to head to the venue to see what was going on. We saw TONS of people, who we guessed were all there for the show.
We talked to some people from Verizon who were giving out tickets to people on lists, and they said that only certain people were invited through email and such, but if not everyone showed up, they would give out tickets first come, first serve.

We waited, and heard Honor Society performing already.
Right as they finished their set, the Verizon people gave out tickets and we were able to get some!

We RUSHED into the venue, and went down and around and around through the tunnel that lead us to the floor seats where everyone was.
The whole venue was practically empty, except for the floor seats, and those were probably only half-way full.
(So about a few hundred people in a stadium that seats 80,000)

We looked at our tickets, and found our seats. They were section G, row 9. Aka, 9 rows from the stage!
We got there during a small intermission, so as we were just looking around and soaking up the fact that we were IN there, we spotted the Jonas Brothers’ dad! Papa J!!

We go over to where he’s at, and there’s some people around. I see these asian girls, then my heart nearly stopped. THE WONDER GIRLS?? REALLY??
I was right next to them, so I asked, “Are you guys the Wonder Girls?”
and they looked surprised to see that I knew them, and said “Yes!”

I was probably acting realllly ‘special’ since I was SOOO EXCITED!! I couldn’t believe it!!
I took a picture with them, and then asked for hugs and they each gave me a hug 😀
I talked to them for a little bit, but I don’t remember what all was said. I know at that part they had asked how I knew about them, and how they didn’t think anyone would recognize them, let alone be a fan here in America!
(Especially in Texas, haha)

At this point I go over and talked to Papa J for a little while, as I’ve already met him and talked to him before. After we caught up a bit and I took a picture with him, he started to talk about the Wonder Girls! He was saying how amazing they are (We know? hahaha), and that he is SUREEE that Nobody is going to be a HIT here!! ❤

So I go a few feet over to where the WGs were, and my friend had been talking to them, telling them how big of a fan I am, and how Nobody is my ringtone! They were like “Really?? :D” when she said that, and when I showed it to them, they had the CUTESTTT reactions!!
I even showed their manager, and he was like “That’s so cool!!”

So as I was there I was mostly talking to Yeeun.
Her English is SOOOO good!!!!
Sunye would occasionally join in in the convo, and Sunmi was always kind of there listening, but mostly I would be talking to Yeeun.

My friends are about to go back to our seats, because Jordin Sparks was about to go on. I didn’t want to go because I reallllyyy wanted to keep talking with WG (Wouldn’t you? lol), so I asked them if I could stay and sit with them, and they said yes!!!

Yoobin, Sohee and Sunye were sitting in the front row of that section (it was one of the floor sections but a little further back than the others so no people were sitting there), and Yeeun and I sit in the row behind them with their manager, this other guy, and this girl.

I was chatting with Yeeun, but then I think they all got up to take a picture or something, then we sat back down but all in the front row (I was next to Sunmi, and Yeeun and the rest were on the other side of her).

We were chatting, when my friend comes rushing over, and says that they had just been moved to 3RD ROW SEATS, and that they were standing right NEXT to the stage!! Eep!

I still don’t want to end my time with WG though, so I tell her I’m going to sit with them some more, and I’ll go back later.
At this point, Sohee was on my left, Yeeun on my right, and then Sunmi, Sunye and Yoobin on the other side of Yeeun.

Jordin Sparks was performing, and Yeeun and I were chatting and watching her. (Sohee was falling asleep next to me I think…. SO CUTE!!!)

Some of the things we talked about:
I asked them how they got about to being on tour with the Jonas Brothers, and Yeeun explained that Papa J went to their show in LA (the JYP Tour show). They didn’t invite him or anything, he just went, and fell in love with the Wonder Girls’ charm!! He then contacted them asking if they wanted to join them on tour this summer. Of course, WGs were in SHOCK! They never would have ever thought he would ask! They were thrilled, so of course they said yes and now they’re joining JB this summer :DD.

I asked Yeeun if they had met the Jonas Brothers, and I think she said that they met them twice, and that they are VERY nice!! She asked me who my favorite Jonas Brother was, and I told her that I love all three and that I can’t choose! haha
I asked if they liked the Jonas Brothers’ music, and what song was their favorite, and they did a quick little huddle, then came up and said “Burning Up!!” and was like “Yeah!!” haha, that is one of their songs!! It was so cute ❤

And I asked if they knew Jordin Sparks, and Yeeun said yes! They’ve met her, and that they were fans before because they like to watch American Idol and they saw her on there!

Yeeun said she really liked my hello kitty necklace, and I thanked her and showed her the hello kitty gem on the back of my phone, haha! She likes hello kitty and thought they were really cute ❤

I asked what songs they were going to be singing when they tour with JB, and they said that they’re going to perform ‘Nobody’ and ‘Tell Me’, both English versions.
They were telling me how the English version of Nobody comes out on itunes on the 27th of June, and I said I was really excited for it!!
Their manager then goes, “Would you like to hear it right now before anyone??”
“Yes!!!!” :DDD
So he puts it on his phone, and let’s me listen to it!!!!

It’s just like the regular version.. but English! (Big surprise, hahaha)
It was really good!! But I don’t remember the lyrics because Jordin Sparks was performing at the same time, plus I was so excited I was still kind of in a daze, lolol.
I’m so excited for it though and am deff going to get it!!

I told them how I will be seeing them perform 3 times on tours, as I’m going to the 3 shows they’re doing in Los Angeles!
They were really happy that I was going, and they said that they would love to see me there and hang out with me again!! YAY!! ❤

I asked if they are going to be going to the Teen Choice Awards,
because it’s right there in Los Angeles when they are going to be there, and the Jonas Brothers are hosting it!
Yeeun said probably not. I asked her why, and she said that if they are invited they would looove to go, but they’re worried because their English isn’t that good 😦 (I think it’s reallyyyy good!)

Yeeun said that even though they were truly excited to tour with JB, they were a little nervous as to how their fans would react and if they would like WG.
I told them that I honestly think that they would LOVE THEM!!
My friends who were with me didn’t like Wonder Girls at all, but once they met them and I showed them videos and such and told them about WG, they’re now fans!!
Plus, there are soooooo many little girls and Jonas Brothers concerts, and I live with a 6 year old and a 3 year old back home, and little kinds CANNOT resist the WG charm!! Haha
I’m sure people will be skeptical at first, but once they see WG sing/dance/perform, they will be fans for sure.
Yeeun seemed to give a sigh of relief.
I can’t wait until they perform!!!!

I’m sure we talked about more, because I sat with them there for about a good 45 mins.

As we were sitting there, the manager says that they are going to go move up!
And that meant to the exclusive area in the upper level where only Papa and Mama J, Honor Society, and Jordin Sparks were now sitting. There were only about 20 people max there.

I asked their manager if I could go with them (maybe…? It wont hurt to ask!), and he said yes that I could go with them!!

We walk to the stairs that were blocked off by security, and at first they almost didn’t let WG through! A few other security people have to come and give the okay that they were supposed to be sitting up there.

We walked up, and I was sooooo excited, I couldn’t believe that I was about to go sit not only with WG and Papa and Mama J, but with Honor Society, and I LOVEE them!! I had my phone out because I was going to text my friends letting them know that I was on my way to sit there, when I don’t notice the dips and rises in the cement walkway and TOTALLYYYY trip!! gahh! D:
It hurts pretty bad, and their manager who was in front of me, turned around and saw and help me up :).
(I think the Wonder Girls saw, too. D: )
My ankle/foot hurt SOO BAD, and I could not walk on it, but I told myself:
“You’re about to go sit with all these famous people. You HAVE to walk.”
So somehowww, I managed to walk over!
Oh, and after I fell, their manager (Anyone know his name…? :O ) pointed out everyyy single dip and rise in the floor, haha ^^’;

So we all file in to the row, and I am right behind… Yeeun? Maybe? I don’t remember, but since Honor Society were standing in the row right above, they each took turns introducing themselves to them, and so did I, LOL!
I had already met Honor Society before, and as I talked to them they remembered me, yay :D.
Right as we were about to watch the Jonas Brothers, their manager comes and tells me that he’s reallyyy sorry, but security is really tight and that they’re only allowing certain people up there, and that I have to go back to my seats. 😦

I said bye and see ya later to the girls, and made my way back down. I passed Jordin on the way, so I said hi to her <3.

Now that I think about it, I could’ve probably asked Papa Jonas if I could stay and I think he would’ve let me, because when I got up there he was so excited, and gave me a hug and everything ^^

So my friends and I watched the concert, which is AMAZINGGGG by the way!
Even if you’re not a Jonas fan, the stage, special effects, lights, etc, are all REALLY cool!!

So once the concert ended, there was no sign of anyone (WG, Papa J, Honor Society, etc), so we go back to our hotel 😦

The next day, Saturday, is the day of the concert.
My two friends and I had seats by the soundbooth, where Papa jonas always is.
We saw him there right after Honor Society’s performance, so we went over and said hi!
Again, he was really happy to see me, YAY!

He went backstage for a while though, but when he came back, goes who he was with??
Wonder Girls!!!
They were dressed full on with the Nobody dresses, wigs, and earrings that they have in the photoshoot on their myspace.

I said hi to them real quick, and only had time to asked them if they were performing that night.
They said no, that they were only walking around and greeting people 🙂
(I was in a rush because our security guard friend was the backstage supervisor and got us backstage! We ran into Honor Society again while back there, and saw Joe Jonas drive by us in a golf cart! haha ❤ )

I thought I was going to run into WG again that night, but I didn’t 😦
I saw them again, but they were backstage when we weren’t, and we couldn’t get back there :(.


that’s pretty much it!!

I didn’t get their contact info because I was thinking straight, lol, but since they know I will be going to the LA show, hopefully I’ll be able to hang out with them again! ❤ ❤

Feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll try my best to answer them!!

and does anyone know if WG are going to go to ALL the cities that JB are performing at? I know they’re only performing at a few of the shows, but does anyone know if they are just going to go with them everywhere and meet people like they did on Saturday? I have a feeling they will, but I have no idea.

I really hope so, because I am going to 6 more Jonas Brothers shows, and I would be in HEAVEN is WGs were there at each show!! ❤ ❤



I have more on the way




more pics from Rosie…oh and i am guessing that Rosie is the one doing the peace sign with Sunmi &  Ye eun below and not the woman above the article….i’m saying just in case you guys are curious….

credits: Rosie


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  1. Iris Says:

    Just like Rosie to get into things like that. (just looking around and found this

  2. ehkang Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to meet them too and hang out with them!!!!! soooooo lucky! ^___________________^

  3. WGSLOVE Says:

    OMG!!!I CAN’T believe it!!! you’re so lucky!!!! and i’m SO SO SO SO SO SO jealous right now!!!!!
    was so hee friendly ?(I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!)
    did you see any miso action?

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