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[pics&info] Rosie meets WG June 22, 2009

Rosie was there during the rehearsals for the JB Concert Tour and she met WG!

here are some pics and info about her meeting with WG

apparently, Rosie had a live chat with Wonderfuls to talk about her & her friends’ meeting with WG and here are some of the things they talked about
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

plus a tour box or luggage or whatever made specialy for WG ^_^
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

More information from the livechat: ( its not all complete, sometimes it gets laggy…so I missed some major parts)

WG told her that Papa Jonas was at the LA concert and asked them to come to their concert


Manager let her hear it and she said and I quote ” ITS SO GOOD YOU GUYS!!!!!!”


English is really good and they were sitting with all the others in some VIP area…


They were so nice and were really excited because someone knew them and they thought that nobody would know them..


Rosie was with them for 45 mins..



She will visit SPECTACLE…and share more


Said Yoobin ws thin…no JYP but the manager was with them..

They said that WG is so nice when you get to meet them that you can’t help but like them.. and sang a bit of nobody ( ^^)



and here are some tweets from Rosie in her twitter account

and here is the link to her twitter account http://twitter.com/RosieGaga

I JUST MET THE WONDER GIRLS!6:30 PM Jun 19th from txt

Chillen with the Wonder Girls, no big.6:43 PM Jun 19th from txt

Just got moved to 3rd row, and still hanging with the Wonder Girls. I love my life, seriously.7:01 PM Jun 19th from txt

@llborderline – Hii! They are SOOO sweet and cute and amazing!! I hung out for them and got to hear their english version of Nobody off ofabout 23 hours ago from web in reply to llborderline

@llborderline – their managers phone! They didn’t perform, they were just sitting there watching the show and I got to sit with them 🙂about 23 hours ago from web in reply to llborderline

@hizzo817 – Hi! No, they were just there at the show watching :). I got to hang out with them and hear the english ver. of Nobody 😀about 23 hours ago from web in reply to hizzo817

So excited that I’m friends with the Wonder Girls now ❤ ❤about 23 hours ago from web

Oh, and I said hi to Papa J and the Wonder Girls a little while ago. ❤about 16 hours ago from txt


credts: rosiegaga @ twitter, soompi


2 Responses to “[pics&info] Rosie meets WG”

  1. bnk Says:

    wow !! pink rack case very cute

  2. bebulo Says:

    aldsjgfls yeeun is so pretty ❤

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