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[AVI] 06-12-09 Sunye on Star Cartharsis Show June 14, 2009

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it’s a day to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fast download speed is back! yoh! it’s back! hahahahahahhaha! damn, am i happy! haha anyways my upload speed is still the usual slow one so it will take time for me to upload all parts haha!

anyways regarding the show….it’s so cool! it’s like a korean version of pimp my ride or whatsoever ^_^ but i love looooooooooove the interior and also Sunye having her own logo! so cool! having a car customize only for you! that’s so cool ^_^ and sunye is so pretty here hehe

The guys was so funny pushing the idea of putting a Karaoke, Booster & the Wonder Woman theme to Sunye in which Sunye doesn’t like ahhaha she was so cute saying “Shiro” hahah ^_^
all parts uploaded!

where are all the people here? is this the result of my hiatus? lol anyways please do say thanks if you’re downloading any file in my blog…believe me your thanks is worth a million to me

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Mediafire: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
*download all and join with HJSplit*

credits: sunyewords & cutegiurl


12 Responses to “[AVI] 06-12-09 Sunye on Star Cartharsis Show”

  1. knoni Says:

    oh!!!! I hunt out this show for a long time.

    Thank you so much, I can see everything in your blog. ^^

  2. -lee- Says:

    thank you so much for uploading this show! ^^ i can’t wait to see sunye again, i really missed her. 🙂
    also i’m very happy to hear that your normal download speed is back! ..goes of to download..

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