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[inf] Full English Translated Interview of 06-10-09 WG on Sina China June 11, 2009

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here is the full english vrsion of the interview yesterday for Sina…..thanks to Lynn @ WG 2nd Thread @ soompi

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Host: Welcome all sina netizens, I’m the host Zhao Ning. It’s a happy day today for the long awaited popular Korean girl group Wonder Girls have arrived in sina studio, let’s greet them. Annyonghaseyo! Is it still ok?

SunYe: it’s ok.

Host: but now, we shall let the 5 cute ladies greet all the sina netizens worldwide in mandarin, shall we? Mandarin!!!

WG: 大家好,我们是Wonder Girls。(Hello everyone, we are the Wonder Girls.)

Host: wow, it’s great. I feel that their mandarin is so much better than my Korean. Everyone knows that the one seated beside me is leader SunYe, let’s have SunYe do the introduction first alright?

SunYe: 大家好,我是先艺。非常高兴再次来到中国,见到中国的歌迷朋友们!(hello everybody, I’m SunYe. I’m very happy to come to China once again to meet the china fans!)

Host: (claps) YeEun next.

YeEun: 大家好,大家好!我是誉恩,谢谢。(hello everyone, hello everyone! I’m YeEun, thank you.)

YooBin: hello everyone, I’m YooBin, I’m very happy to come to china Beijing.

Host: also very good, next is cute SoHee.

SoHee: hello everyone, I’m SoHee. Happy to meet you guys.

Host: thank you. Thank you SoHee. Next is our SunMi.

SunMi: hello everyone, I’m SunMi. (laughs with mouth covered)

Host: (referring to SunMi) very cute, keeps fiddling with her hair not knowing what to say. Previously SunYe mentioned that you’ve been to china Beijing once back in 2007, what do you feel now that you’re back for a visit 2 years later? Do you think that Beijing has changed?

SunYe: Beijing has developed a lot. I’ve visited Beijing twice after joining WG, never been here before that. After the Olympics, Beijing has changed a lot, no matter where you go it feels like it has taken on an entirely new look, very good.

Host: looks like the impression’s rather deep. As this is the first time that everyone’s interacting through music, are there any expectations from this trip?

SunYe: before coming here, we know that everyone likes Nobody a lot, so we’re looking forward very much to performing this time round. We’ll be performing tomorrow, hopefully there’ll be more people coming to watch us and that there’ll be more interaction.

Host: when the 5 of you arrived in Beijing, there were many enthusiastic fans welcoming you girls, how do you feel to have so many Chinese fans?

SunYe: initially we didn’t have much expectation, but after seeing so many people who like us, we felt really happy, thankful. After tomorrow’s activity we hope that there’ll be another chance for us to come to china to perform again.

Host: (this is about opening some poll to the netizens, allowing them to vote for the kind of impression they have of WG. 4 options: 1) bubbly appearances, 2) catchy music, 3) trendy and hip dance moves, 4) sisterly like relationship. Then the host asked the girls questions about their understanding of china. In the first question the girls were asked to identify the famous ppl who had their pictures flashed on a screen.)

SunYe: Jackie chan

Host: you recognised him, next.

SunYe: Hankyung (SuJu)

Host: you recognised him too, what about the 3rd? looks familiar.

YeEun: we know his Korean name but not his Chinese name (actually I have no idea who she’s referring to since I wasn’t paying attention to the interview)

Host: very familiar?

YeEun: of course. Very famous.

Host: any more?

WG: yao ming. (chinese bball guy)

Host: do you know this person? Our uncle Ben Shan, you still need to continue working hard so as to be able to attract the attention of Korean girls. (she’s referring to Zhao Ben Shan who’s a very famous Chinese comedian master) everyone’s familiar with the previously mentioned 4 famous people, I’d like to ask the 5 of you out of the 4 who do you like most? SunYe shall speak on the behalf of the group.

SunYe: Jackie chan

Host: is it because he’s got good kungfu? After testing them on their understanding of Chinese names, let’s now have the next test, which is to test their depth of understanding of Chinese music. We’ll begin with a short clip.

YeEun: I know the Chinese name, “jasmine flower”

Host: let’s see if you know the next one.

SunYe: I’ve watched his movies before.

Host: do you know his name?

SunYe: I’ve forgotten.

Host: there’re some fans in the studio and someone has mouthed “zhou jie lun” (jay chou), very good. For the next 3 questions we shall not watch any more clips, instead we’ll answer question boards, let’s have Da Lang (big wave; name of the mascot) bring us the question boards.

Host: everyone will have one, we’ve provided pens that you can use to write on the boards. You can choose to tick the answers, every question will have a few choices.
YeEun: ah ok ok.

Host: first question is how do Chinese greet each other when they meet?

SunYe: have you eaten? Because my Chinese tutor has told me, Chinese will always ask “have you eaten” first when they meet.

Host: let’s take a look at YeEun’s choice.

YeEun: how are you lately?

Host: why did you choose this?

YeEun: I don’t know

Host: I think it’s your habit. We shall look at YooBin’s next. YooBin also chose the same as YeEun. Is your reason the same as YeEun’s?

YooBin: the first choice (not what she’s chosen) is what Koreans normally use in greetings.

Host: oh I see. Cute SoHee, can we take a look at what you’ve chosen?

SoHee: the 4th (the same as YeEun and YooBin). I feel that this is how strangers should greet each other when they meet for the first time.
Host: let’s now see SunMi’s answer. Also the 4th. Ok, the greeting that Chinese use when they meet has been changed, it’s now “how are you lately?” actually it doesn’t matter what the greeting is since it’s just a way of being displaying friendliness.
Let’s flip to the next page for the next question. The question is “in the food below choose what you think is beijing’s traditional snack”. The choices are Rolling Donkey (a glutinous yellow rice cake roll with fried bean flour sprinkled on the surface), mungbean milk with fried bread circles, stir fried liver, fried dough sticks, pizza, seaweed wrapped rice, smelly tofu, sundae icecream, cream puffs.

I feel that SoHee is stealing looks at SunMi’s answers, it’s alright, we’ll just see what the suitable choices are. We shall start with SunMi, let us take a look at your answers.

SunMi: mungbean milk with fried bread circles and stir fried liver.

Host: do you have ample reason to explain your choices?

SunMi: I feel that the others do not fit.

Host: oh, elimination method. The other girls please flash your boards, did all of you choose your choices after listening to SunMi for the answers are the same?

YeEun: roast duck.

Host: but roast duck isn’t a snack. Very good, really, roast duck represents beijing’s characteristics, but the following choices are all snacks, not counted as a meal. Now let’s have Da Lang bring forth the various traditional snacks that are representative of beijing’s characteristics for everyone to look at.

Everyone chose mungbean milk right, so we’ve got mungbean milk in particular. I’ve to inform you first that even though mungbean milk is very famous, not everyone can drink it. Is there any brave soul who dares to give it a try and share with us your thoughts?
(YeEun drinks it)

Host: is it ok? YeEun can drink it?

YeEun: yes. SunYe’s nodding her head. Is it nice?

SunYe: its nice

Host: it’s really unexpected as many many Chinese friends (not Beijing natives) are not used to drinking mungbean milk when they first arrive in Beijing. What do you think of its taste?

SunYe: very sour.

YeEun: a little sour.

Host: but SunMi’s facial expression is slightly worse.

SunMi: sour.

Host: let’s now look at fried dough sticks, it’s also another traditional snack of Beijing. We only prepared a portion to show everyone. At the same time we also have Rolling Donkey and fried bread circles, but of course, we also have fried liver here, everyone can try them out.
(YeEun tries the dough sticks)

YeEun: it’s delicious, very delicious.

Host: you must try Rolling Donkey, it’s the one right there.
(YooBin tries Rolling Donkey)

Host: SunMi waited for a long time, that is fried bread circles. Oh, you also chose Rolling Donkey.
(SunMi tries Rolling Donkey)
Host: is it nice?

(SunMi gave a thumbs up

Host: not bad. We’re now done with sharing the traditional snacks. Many friends have said that WG are now very popular because they have a song titled Nobody which is really sweeping the world, in addition, many friends worldwide have been imitating them. We shall now play a short clip and take a look at how friends worldwide have been copying (parodying?) Nobody.

Host: no matter the age of the kids or cute guys, Asians or people from other parts of the world, everyone’s into imitating Nobody. What do you think of the girls that have copied the dance in this clip?
SunYe: excellent.

SoHee: excellent. This is the first time I’ve seen so many versions of the imitations being placed together, very interesting.

Host: since we’ve the original singers of Nobody present in our studio today, shouldn’t you show us the authentic dance steps of Nobody?

SunYe: sure

Host: a short one will do. We’ll have SunYe and YeEun represent the group in showing the few classical movements.

YeEun: 1, 2, 3, 4
(SunYe and YeEun dance live)

Host: just a few simple movements, our Da Lang and the rest have been itching to try. Let’s invite him up here for a short performance. Let’s play the song once and see how well our Da Lang can dance. Can SunYe and YeEun please dance along together?
(SunYe, YeEun and Da Lang danced together)

Host: thank you Da lang. even though I feel that your body’s a bit clumsy, the moves are still similar, looks like you’ve the potential to dance. Speaking of fans of Nobody, everyone’s able to see that the WGs have got mutual understanding, we shall proceed with a test, are you ready? Will Da Lang please bring us the boards? Thanks.

SunYe: what is this?

Host: everyone should first have a white board duster. I’ll ask the questions and you will write your answers on the board.
First question, who likes being pretty the most among the five of you? Who is the “mirror-killer”? when you see objects that can reflect images you will run up to it to check yourself out, you are the one who likes being pretty the most.

You’ll write at the same time and flash the boards together. I feel that SunMi’s got the most difficulty in writing, are you the one?
(SunYe laughs)

SunYe: 1, 2, 3.

Host: SunYe wrote “me”. SunYe, why is it you?

SunYe: because our normal day to day schedules are rather hectic, there’s not much free time. The other members are not really interested in make-up while my love lies in this so usually I’ll discuss with the make-up artist on make-up application technics.

Host: seems like we’ve got mutual understanding about the first question, everyone’s in consensus about it, including the first person, winner SunYe has written herself. Listen closely to the next question, who acts the most differently when in the presence of males.
SunMi and SoHee are once again, sneakily discussing their answers.

We’re going to flash our boards, SunMi isn’t allowed to write anymore. Let’s flash together shall we? 1, 2, 3…

Host: what did SunMi write?

SunMi: YooBin

Host: SunMi’s the only one who wrote a name, the rest have told us that they’re unable to give an answer. SunMi and YooBin, please explain in the roles of proposition and opposition. Changing your answer at the very last minute, that’s not allowed. SunMi tell us why you’ve chosen YooBin.

SunMi: YooBin’s actions will become very feminine when in front of others, her smiles will be very different from before.

Host: really YooBin?

YooBin: I’m not too sure myself.

Host: we’ll proceed with the last question. Who’s got the biggest appetite?

SoHee: I thought it’s liquor capacity.

SunYe, YeEun, YooBin, SunMi: SunMi.

SoHee: YeEun

Host: I couldn’t tell that you can really eat from before, but when the Rolling Donkey had been served, she ate the whole piece in a go.

SunMi: my mouth is big.

Host: having done the test on mutual understanding, we shall now answer the questions posted online. Sina netizens are very concerned about the

WG, the first question that they’d like to ask is that who’s the Korean artist of the opposite gender that you admire the most? SunMi shall answer first.
SunMi: so ji sub

Host: I know, when translated into Chinese, the last word’s rather difficult to write. So ji sub, is that the answer for the rest of you? Let’s ask SoHee.

SoHee: the male lead in the movie Chaser (?). a man who’s very manly, cold and cool.

Host: what about SunYe? The one you like is JYP right? (smiles)

YeEun is very bubbly, yet why when the question had been posed to you, you hesitated?

YeEun: cha in pyo

Host: many china friends know that too.

YooBin: jang dong gun

Host: every girl’s character is different, the type of idol or guy they like are also different. Just now we’ve also done a few tests to understand WG better, however, how much hardships and effort have they put in to get to their current status today where they’re so well loved? Let’s now take a look at a short clip of the girls during their debut days.

Host: the clip which had been shown was to tell netizens that WG have been through many tough auditions before debuting and at the same time, they’ve also gone through a very tough trainee life. SunYe had undergone 7 years of training before meeting with everyone. Was it tough as a trainee? Was there a time when you felt that you couldn’t persevere on any longer?

SunYe: I had been through really tough times, but there were many people supporting me during this period of time, my grandmother, in particular, was my pillar of strength. I lack in many areas, I don’t own anything either, but I have a dream, I had the confidence to pursue my dreams, to look forward to my future. After experiencing all these difficult times, I got to know many good friends in the process, it was worth it.

Host: while SunYe was sharing with us the difficult times that she had been through, I noticed that the other 4 girls had been nodding their heads, entering their own memories. Are you able to share with us if you’ve been through difficult times too?

YeEun: I did not have a particularly long trainee life, I entered this group only for the debut of WG. However, I’ve been through many auditions, this is counted as a very tough time for me. It’s because I’ve been though such a tough time that I’m able to realise my deams when I had one.

Host: that’s right, realising your own dream after experiencing hardships. What I’d like YooBin to share with us is that if it’s toilsome to practise dancing? How toilsome was it? How was life like back then?

YooBin: I personally like dancing very much, the only difficulty was that at that time all the other members already knew each other, however, the other members helped me a lot, so it was good.

Host: now let’s take a look at SoHee. Such touch training, did your parents feel sorry for you?

SoHee: my parents of course felt sorry for me, but they were very supportive of the things I do, so when I was feeling really tired, they would give me loads of support. I felt that my parents were more tired than me then.

Host: now SunMi, just now many people felt that SunMi wasn’t feeling really well when you entered, have the schedules been too hectic?

SunMi: it’s ok.

Host: who were you most grateful towards during this period of time?
(SunMi pondered for a moment)
SunMi: my family members.

Host: during this period of time, your family had been silently supporting you, SunYe has also mentioned that she sees JYP as her idol, it’s because of JYP that more people are able to know about WG, what is he like?

YeEun: JYP seeks for perfection in everything while working. Outside of work, he shows care for every member, takes care of us well, a very warm person.

Host: just now we mentioned JYP, does everyone know who he is? When we speak of this name, are we familiar or distant with that person? Besides knowing that he is the manager behind WG, the creator, let’s know him better through a clip.
Many friends have realised that this mister is the funny toilet guy that has appeared in the Nobody MV, is the description apt? he is now seated in our studio. welcome, JYP.

JYP: hello everybody.

Host: seriously, everyone in this studio is a female, you’re the only green leaf among the red flowers. Everyone let’s assess this guy, SunYe’s the first, what kind of guy is he?

SunYe: usually he’s just like my friend, the closest among our team members.

Host: JYP did you know that SunYe mentioned you as the guy she likes most

JYP: she’s very smart.

Host: I was wondering if you’d like to confess to SunYe here.

JYP: maybe it’s not in that sense? Why did SunYe choose me, should I write more and better songs for her in the next album?

Host: there’s a lot of difference between the JYP seated in this studio and the toilet bowl guy in Nobody MV. How is he like in everyday life? A little cool, doesn’t like to smile much, or is he just like the one in the mv, likes to joke a lot? Which is the real him?

YeEun: he’s very humourous, normally he is rather humourous.

JYP: there is a button here (on his head). Once you press this button, I seek perfection when im focused. There must not be any mistake made. When this button is inactivated, I’ll become someone who loves joking around, very humourous.

Host: JYP said that he’s got a button here, let’s see what the button looks like. We know that you’ve created Rain and WG, artistes with superb popularity, the songs that you’ve composed are also very popular. What was it that’s special?

JYP: actually when I choose a singer, I don’t pay much attention to who’s talented. I don’t choose those that are really talented. I like working with those who I like. For example, some people can sing and dance really well but I will not choose such a person. Even if one cant dance nor sing well, this can be improved on and changed. I like those with good personality, attitude and have got dreams. However, it’s tiring to work with such a mentality, very tough. It’s because that im working with people I like that I feel blissful. I don’t know if the WG seated here like me, it was very tough while in the US, but everyone cared for one another, liked each other, they were very in sync, very suitable. No matter what, I’ve got this principle, to work with people I like.

I hope to have such a mentality that the person I’ve chosen will succeed, hope that his future will be really great. When I was with Rain, Rain had a rather tough time then. Because of his family matters, because of his mother, there was a time when he experienced a lot of hardships. But at that time when I saw the expression in his eyes, I hoped that this person would really succeed in the future. With such an expectation, SunYe was the first to join our team, at that time SunYe also had a lot of tough times, but when I saw the expression that she’s looking very much forward to her successful future in her eyes, I felt that I had to let her succeed, we must definitely succeed, I kept having such a mentality.

Host: understood. There are still many friends with doubts. How did WG come about? Did you first decide on creating such a group before picking the girls or at the same time as when you discovered them you wanted to group them together, to work hard together?

JYP: because there are many trainees in the company, it wasn’t based on just one person’s decision that we formed this group. Initially YeEun and YooBin had been picked just for this group while SoHee and SunMi had entered the company as trainees when they were still very young. As such, this group hadn’t been formed just because of a person’s choice.

Host: I believe that in your eyes, the 5 girls each has got a different personality, can you share with us their unique characteristics starting with SunMi.

JYP: when I think of SunMi, I’ll feel that she’s very strong, next would be mischievous. SunMi’s very willing to have fun, extremely mischievous kind of person. There’s a small dog in the recording studio, working studio, when the dog comes by she’ll definitely play with it.
Host: and she can really eat.

JYP: SunMi usually doesn’t eat vegetables no matter how you talk her into it, even though she does eat a bit now, it’s still not much. Compared to singers of her age, her vocals and dancing skills are rather stable. Even though she’s still slightly weaker as compared to her elder sisters, her abilities are very stable. She has never made a mistake in any live performances.

Host: after sharing with us about SunMi, tell us more about SoHee.

JYP: SoHee’s got this beauty that represents the oriental female. It’s not just about the feeling that she’s got a pretty appearance, but it’s about her as a whole from her actions to her inner self that’s representative of the beauty and qualities of oriental females. She seems rather quiet, but there are times when one sentence of hers will make everyone convulse with laughter.

Host: next for YooBin, YeEun and SunYe, I was wondering if you are able to describe their characteristics with just a term?

JYP: YeEun’s intelligent, YooBin’s very talented.

Host: what about the leader?

JYP: perfectionist.

Host: we can see that when JYP talks about the 5 cute girls it’s just like him talking about his little sisters, full of admiration and love. We also know that the success of WG is inseparable from the efforts of JYP, according to the Korean media some time ago, WG will be opening 13 concerts for the Jonas Brothers’ world tour. Does this signify that WG have made a rather impressive first step in entering the American market? JYP, what are the specific plans for WG in entering the American market?

JYP: indeed WG will be joining Jonas Brothers on their world tour in June. This collaboration is a very meaningful one. In the American market, there are well known asian actors like Jackie chan, however, there isn’t any particular asian artist that’s really well known in the music industry, so this is a very good juncture. Even though the process of entering the American market is extremely tough, I dare to say that it’s an extremely good opportunity to enter the American market this time round.
When we first arrived in the US, it signified a new beginning. Even though Nobody is very popular, it doesn’t mean anything in America, no one knew about it then. But with the spirit of starting from scratch, they are able to have the mindset of entering the American market earnestly, im very very moved. Of course in korea they are already big stars, they’ve got people to tidy their rooms and handle their everyday life, so not everything had been personally done by them. But upon their arrival in the US, I told them, you are no longer stars, you must start from the bottom as a normal person. They go out to buy their own things, tidied their own rooms. To be able to accept the sudden change in status from a big star to a regular person is very impressive.

Host: the JYP china branch has been set up, does this mean that we’ll see WG’s albums and concerts in china soon?

JYP: of course, the concerts held this winter in china have more or less been confirmed. Hopefully, there’ll be loads of people supporting us then. WG will be launching their English debut album in America this fall, at the same time, they’ll be releasing their Chinese album in china. Each of them has got a Chinese name, they’ve been constantly learning, hoping to bring their Chinese debut album of the same name to everyone.
Host: I also saw another article. You’ve got the intention to create a Chinese version girl group, is this true? Are there any specific plans?

JYP: currently we really have got a 5 member group that is about to undergo auditions in china. Whenever there’re auditions in china, while in the process of auditioning, I felt that there are really too many Chinese youngsters with talent, the number increases every year. Because we currently have got about 10 trainees in our company undergoing training, sometimes I feel that this batch of Chinese trainees could endure the tough training much more and are more earnest than our Korean trainees. Its because that they’re alone in korea away from family that they are able to endure the tough training process, extremely impressive.
We might have 2 groups of artistes debuting in china sometime in fall and winter this year.

Host: we are very happy to invite WG and JYP to join us in our Sina studio today. We’ve also got fans from all over the world with us in our studio now and one of them is a representative called Wei Wei, who specially flew over from Singapore to bring the WG gifts on behalf of many fans.


credits: Lynn @ WG 2nd Thread @ soompi


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