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[pic+info] New pic of Sunye + Sunmi’s current condition June 10, 2009

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a new pic of Sunye with her uncle but the pic of her uncle got cut hehe…and also this info about Sunmi’s health was during the Live Interview for SINA…..anyways i hope Sunmi gets well soon!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credits: WG 2nd Thread @ soompi

Regarding: Sunmi feeling unwell (mentioned during the live webchat)


Initally, when the interview started, Sunmi wasnt feeling comfortable .
She kept rubbing her stomach.
Later on some of the fans wrote a note to her, asking if she was okay .
Sunmi shook her head and said nevermind.
When they ate 驴打滚, her appetite grew.
She swallowed the whole thing with a munch.
Then later on she continued rubbing her stomach.
The fans in the studio wrote another message concerning Sunmi.
Once again, Sunmi replied that it doesn`t matter.

She must have been suffering 😦

[Source: 小桑@WGCN]
[Translation: YH@Yeeunholic]
[Credt: sunmijjang.com]


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