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[info] Wonder Girls is in China right now! June 10, 2009

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to all Chinese Wonderfuls, you’re all so damn lucky! haha lol anyways please do take a lot of pics & fancams ^_^

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click more for more info ^_^ and also to know more about the Live Chat with WG ^_^ yup! Live Chat!

On the 10th, starting from 7pm(Beijing Time, GMT),  Korea’s popular girl group Wonder Girls, and Producer JYP himself (once groomed Rain & Park Ji Yoon), will be holding a live webchat session, and they will be performing live for netizens/Wonderfuls

So bookmark this page now

Watch the session here (room will only open on the day itself)

{source: sina news}

1. 10일 북경시간으로 오후7시(한국 8시) 원더걸스 & JYP 라이브 웹채팅, 공연


On the 11th of June , 3PM , Wonder Girls will appear as guests for a CCTV event . They will take part in the first phase of recording and will bring the house down with four of their hit songs from their new album , performing it live for the very first time .

Special point to note is that, Wonder Girls will be performing “Nobody” mandarin version together with their usual “korean style” dance step. & it is the girls’ first time singing live in mandarin.

[ommits non-related information]

Also on the 11th of June , 10:30AM , producer JYP will bring along Wonder Girls as guests for CCTV.com’s “Idols on the Line” (?). Please leave behind questions that you might want to ask, and you might win tickets to CCTV’s programme recording on the 11th (applies to China residents only).

{Source: CCTV.com}
{Translations: onederbang ♥ @ kjpopbands.blogspot.com & kimyoobin.wordpress.com}

Original Article:
的是参加CCTV风云歌会第一期节目的录制,并给中国观众带来新专辑中的四首主打歌曲的首次现场演唱,特别值得一提的是她们演唱的中文版《NOBODY》,伴随激烈的韩式舞步,WONDER GIRLS将第一次用中文献唱。

届时,央视网娱乐将视频直播本次风云歌会,敬请关注!另外,6月11日10:30,JYP朴振英携Wonder Girls成员做客央视网明星在线!


2. 11일 오전 10시 30분  JYP & 원더걸스 CCTV.com “Idols on the Line” (?) 게스트

3. 11일 오후 3시 CCTV공연 (노래 4곡 라이브, 노바디 중국어버젼)

credits: wonderholic


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    This blog is about cctv camera solution.In this blog have many clip is show you many thing about cctv.

  2. wongen/nins Says:

    lol at the sun ye kicked bag event. he he.
    thanks tricia 🙂

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