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[YT] Philippines is getting addicted to Wonder Girls! June 9, 2009

Filed under: Wonder Girls,Youtube Clips — cutegiurl @ 11:46 am

you can hear Tell Me, So Hot & Nobody in radios…and also not recently there were Cebuano prisoners who danced to Nobody and some comedians in Channel 7’s SOP also danced to Nobody….but now Channel 2’s ASAP will perform it…with their very own version of Nobody in english…they changed the korean lyrics to english and they changed the dance too…i just wished they just stick with the original dance steps…..anyways they are pretty so they are forgiven…lol

credits: leeminhoISmine

oh and here is another one from Channel 7’s SOP the same day with ASAP…lol at least they stick with the original lyrics of the song and also the dance ^_^

credits: sunyeah15

and here is also a clip of the Sexbomb dancers on SOP dancing to So Hot….i just wished they stick to the original dance moves…. anyways This group are more of on the SEXY side so that explains their dance moves….

credits: sunyeah15


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