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No updates for now May 27, 2009

Filed under: blog news — cutegiurl @ 12:24 pm

there aren’t really that much updates about WG but there is….i just can’t use my net properly…


it started 2 weeks ago…when my net suddenly got disconnected due to an overdue bill…when we payed for it…and then the the speed was 10 times slower than my usually fast connection…


i can’t browse the net properly…it’s so slow and so irritating that’s why i seldom use the net now…

my download speed before the disconnection was 600kbps at max but now the maximum i can get in downloading is 50kbps! what the heck is that?


i can’t download my usual performances of my fave singers….a movie with 700 MB in size took me almost a day to finish when i can download it in less than 30 mins. when i still have my fast speed…


so i don’t update my blogs now….i don’t know if my speed will come back…it may take months or a year…i don’t know…but until then i am lazyy to update anything with this sucky speed..


it’s just a great timing that WG isn’t very active right now…..


and well i am making use of this time too to change my lifestyle…


meaning more time for myself & family and super less time with my laptop…..


anyways until then….


15 Responses to “No updates for now”

  1. ehkang Says:

    your net still hasn’t get any better?? tsk.tsk.tsk.. your blog became quite famous na ah.. haha,, i’m sooo happy for you chinggu~~~ i just hope your internet will get back to normal,, miz yu~~~

    i really hope i can go to your house (and return your books,,hehe),, but the rain still hasn’t stop.. T_T and school is coming na!! huhu.. T_T i haven’t enjoy my vacation..stupid summer class… T_T.. call me if your not busy!!!!! mwa♥♥♥

  2. 8eight Says:

    Thank you so much for your dedication! I love your site. ❤ Good luck to you~!

  3. eve_wu Says:

    i’m so sad to about your decision…
    but tahnk you for all the time that you had done…for wonder girls…
    i just want to supporting you, jia you…
    and congratz to find the other way, and change the lifestyle…
    family and personality is the main things to do…
    ganbatte cute!!!

  4. MC Says:

    oh noooo!
    you are my main source of wonder girls news too! 😦

    you are doing a great job and i regularly check your blog, so does my girlfriend cos we’re big WG fans..

    Please come back soon yea! :):)

  5. jan-wesley Says:

    omg… there was a fan meeting experience thing in ny on friday and i missed it cause u dont update. i know you would have normally been up on that. ahhhh i hate your internet ha

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