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[Proj] Spread the WGPH 1st Project! May 16, 2009

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to all filipino wonderfuls out there! please do participate in our very first project!!!!!

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It’s about time the girls know how much we love them by sending them a piece of our love! Yes yes! You’re thinking about the right thing. The WGPH Core presents “THE 1ST PROJECT” – a WGPH scrapbook project. As you can see, it’s easier to send gifts to the girls now that they go to the U.S and we thought that it’s really time that WGPH makes their mark.

So for the first project, we will be sending them a scrapbook, a beautiful handmade scrapbook with your letters and messages for them. Aside from that, we also wish to send them gifts that they can use during their travel because I’m sure you all want to keep our girls comfortable when they’re abroad.

We’re inviting every Filipino Wonderful to join us in our first project!! So please do spread the word about it okay!

– ♥ WGPH Core


for more details & to sign up please click the picture below…but remember to join WGPH before signing up for the project ^_^


3 Responses to “[Proj] Spread the WGPH 1st Project!”

  1. JaaanLeeyy Says:

    ohh i like this 😀 sali ako ..

  2. wongen/nins Says:

    thanks, tricia 🙂

  3. wes Says:

    yay im filipino! ha

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