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[Bday Project] “Whole World Love Park Ye Eun” May 16, 2009

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Last Call For Whole World Love Park Ye Eun Project

Thanks for all those who had participated in this project. Now, I had received around 40 photos from 14 countries.
But it is still far less than my target which is 50 photos.

All wonderfuls know wonder girls is going to debut in USA but say to say that I only received 3 photos from USA wonderfuls.I’m sure that there are more wonderfuls in USA right? I’m also short of countries like Indonesia, Korea, Japan and Mexico. If you are one of the wonderful from these countries, please help me out!!

By the way, the latest deadline is 17th May 2009.
What are you waiting for? Tomorrow when you are on the way to school or work, just take a photo of yourself with hands holding paper/card that write ‘I LOVE PARK YE EUN’

Send your photos to dororo87@gmail.com

More info: https://cutegiurl.wordpress.com/2009/04/29/bday-project-%e2%80%9cwhole-world-love-park-ye-eun%e2%80%9d/#comments


so please participate!…i already sent my pic!….hehe so please do submit yours!

This project is extended to 16th May 2009 as I has not received enough photos .Currently, there are only about 8 people have sent their photos to me.

The country that I have received I need countres like:

-Vietnam -China

-Thailand -Taiwan

-Singapore -Malaysia

-Canada -More from USA

-USA -Indonesia


And many more countries!!!

Seriously, I don’t believe that there are only 8 ye eun lovers from this world. If you are a ye eun lover and wondeful,please participate in this project. This is a good chance for ye eun yo know our existence! IThis project will only success with all the help from ye eun lovers and wonderfuls.Hey,we must show our love to ye eun in action, Action speaks louder than words!So what are you waiting for, please participate in this project enthusiastically! I need to collect at least 30 photos to do this project.

I really need all of your help to promote this project as I don’t have a blog or forum to post this project. Please help to spread the news to all the wonderfuls that you know. Lastly, I want to thank ye eun impact and wonder equation which help me promote this project, they are the only two wg blogs/forum that are willing to help me promote.

Importance: When you send in the photos, please also send in your name and the place where the photos are taken from.


i will definitely submit a pic! hehe since we will be going for an outing then this will be a great opportunity!!! wah!!! please do participate!

Basically,ye eun lovers from different parts of the world can take a photo(with hands holding board that showed
I LOVE Park Ye Eun) in front in a place/building/monumnets etc that most represented your country.
For example:Singapore-Merlion in Sentosa,Changi Airport
USA(New York)-Statue of Liberty
Malaysia(KL)-Petronas Twin Towers[/center]
[center]I know that some of the ye eun lovers come from country like:
1.Singapore(haha,I come from singapore)
9.United Arab Emirates(we have sumra)
10.England’ United Kingdom
12.Mexico(we have cowgirl)
13.Hong Kong
and more

I understand that some of you may live far away from the place/building/monumnets etc that most represented your country so it is okay that you take the photos in front of scenery that will show some uniqueness of your country.

this idea or project does not come under the name of any forum,i just want to gather all the ye eun lovers!
please help me to advertise this project to your own country’s wonder girls forum.

i wish to collect at least 50 photos.then i will put the photos into a frame and send it to ye eun.

Deadline:30th April 2009
Submit your photo to:dororo87@gmail.com

(p.s)Pls do not use photoshop and if you do not wish to show your face,you can use the board to cover you face

Crazy Idea 2

Ye Eun lovers around the world can dedicated a song in your own country’s radio station to wish ye eun happy birthday.I know that ye eun birthday is on 26th May but we have to carry this project now.

Basically,dedicated a song along with a birthday message to ye eun and wish her birthday.I hope that it is a local radio sation so that ye eun can hear the message that are being read in different languages.
Those who are interested must dedicated the song within this month(April).

The message can stat like this(in the language that use in your own country):
I am xxx from xxx(country).then what you want to tell ye eun.

You must record down the things that are being read out by the DJ
(using recorder or your handphone)

After that,i will put all the birthday message into a CD and send it to ye eun.

this idea or project does not come under the name of any forum,i just want to gather all the ye eun lovers!
please help me to advertise this project to your own country’s wonder girls forum or other wondergirls related websites.

Deadline:30th April 2009
Submit your photo to:dororo87@gmail.com


20 Responses to “[Bday Project] “Whole World Love Park Ye Eun””

  1. dororo87 Says:

    cutegiurl.i never receive your photo?have you send to wrong email address?

    • cutegiurl Says:

      eh? really? the email i should sent to is the same with the email you input to comment here right?i will try to send 3 times lol i think that should be enough

      • dororo87 Says:

        ya,i really never receive.maybe u can post the photos in this post then i can save to my desktop.
        the email address is:dororo87@gmail.com

      • cutegiurl Says:

        well yeah i tried 3 times and it failed sending T_T

        i’ll just post here

        this is the content of my message ^_^

        I am Tricia Ann M. Evangelista also known as cutegiurl ^_^ sorry for submitting this late….hehe

        this was taken at a resort known as White Rock in Subic,Philippines

        this is the link to the pictures ^_^

      • krazysindy Says:

        I have just sent in my photo, sorry for the delay.
        But I was unsure of whether I should enter. But hearing that you needed help, I took the opportunity when our school went to the city. >..<

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