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[news] SunYe, “I bought my grandmother a house” May 13, 2009

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it’s not surprising for Sunye to do this ^_^ i know that she il buy her grandma a house sooner or later ^_^ she’s a very nice granddaughter ^_^

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SunYe, “I bought my grandmother a house”
Purchasing an apartment in Seoul as a large gift of gratitude in return for raising her
By Ahn JinYong @ HanKooki (realyong@sportshankook.co.kr)

The news that SunYe, of the group Wonder Girls, gave a rather large gift to the grandmother who raised her has come to the attention of the media belatedly.

During the end of last year, SunYe purchased an apartment in the Seoul’s Joongrang-Ku Sangbong-Dong and invited her grandmother and father to live there. SunYe’s mother passed during SunYe’s childhood and because her father was also in poor health she was, instead, looked after by her grandmother. A close friend of SunYe stated, “SunYe’s been steadily saving the money she’s earned from working so she could arrange to buy a home for her grandmother and father.”

SunYe’s devotion to her family has long been established. In a number of interviews, SunYe’s stated almost habitually, “I want to make sure I succeed so my grandmother can live comfortably.” In addition, SunYe, who earned her driver’s license not too long ago and bought a car, stated, “I’m happy that I can go see my grandmother and father without getting help from my manager now.”

SunYe is currently on hiatus in the US after completing her activities for the 3rd single album for <Nobody>.

[Source: http://news.hankooki.com/lpage/sports/2009…08543497630.htm]

translation credits: ppopki @ spectacle


4 Responses to “[news] SunYe, “I bought my grandmother a house””

  1. Nice info / I will come back=)

  2. wgholic Says:

    wow it isn’t really surprising that she bought her grandma a house
    she has always wanted to provide for her family
    and I’m really glad
    leader is such a sweet person 🙂

  3. sun.hei Says:

    aww that’s sweet of her^^ such a nice granddaughter^.^ that’s min jookie<3

  4. o0ops Says:

    she is such a good person

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