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[news] 05-10-09 After School’s Uee’s Letter to YooBin May 11, 2009

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After school’s Uee (real name Kim Yoojin) has left her good friend Yoobin of Wondergirls (Real name Kim Yoobin) a letter.

Uee has written on the 10th at 3 o clock 16minutes on her cyworld minihomepage “Yoobin nyong! I can’t seem to contact you so I’m writing this in my diary! ke “I wanna see you! You *swear word*! Come here!”

Also she wrote her feelings towards her friend like this:”Today it’s a month that I’ve debuted! ehe >.< keke I want to see you! If you see this contact me! A messge! Love you

Uee had gathered attention for her resemblance to Moon Geun Yeong and Wondergirls’ Sohee on 2008 August 2nd on MBC’s “Star’s friend” as Yoobin’s friend.

[translation: Luxtoraa]
[source: newsen]



2 Responses to “[news] 05-10-09 After School’s Uee’s Letter to YooBin”

  1. wes Says:

    kim yoojin and kim yoobin.

    how bff-ish. ha

  2. GiGi Says:

    I’ve been wondering why the ex-group members haven’t contacted each other. It’s a shame Uee can’t contact Yoobin easily despite their past. Hopefully Yoobin will get the letter and contact her friend ASAP.

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