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[info] Experience the Wonder of the Girls! May 6, 2009

OMG! just look at Sunmi’s new short hair! i miss this girls so much!!!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


The Wonder Girls have completely taken over allkpop and I’m sure you’ve already noticed!

allkpop and JYP Entertainment will be taking you into the Wonderful world of the Wonder Girls! Believe me, you’ll all experience the Wonder soon enough, some even more than others…

If that’s not enough to spark your interest, take a wild guess at what the girls are doing in the photos below… Anxious yet? It’ll all make sense soon… so stay tuned!

Follow the Wonder Girls on:

Sun’s Twitter
Yenny’s Twitter
Yubin’s Twitter
Sohee’s Twitter
Mimi’s Twitter

and this is the background that allkpop is currently using ^_^

credits: allkpop & cutegiurl


4 Responses to “[info] Experience the Wonder of the Girls!”

  1. applemilk91 Says:

    so cuuuute ❤ I always imagined her with short hair XD
    omo what does the pics above means? I miss the girls T_T

  2. Miso_Luv Says:

    I prefer SunMi with long hair…but this is also looks kinda fresh and cute on her..
    Anyway, it’s good that WGs take over allkpop…cuz as i’m aware…allkpop is not really that into WGs before…

    • sun.hei Says:

      totally agree about sunmi’s hair and also about the allkpop thing…i’m still a bit worried bcuz allkpop have a lot of bashers&antis but they are everywhere, so..>.<
      anyways can’t wait for more pics..the girls lookin cute^^

  3. wgholic Says:

    omo! sunmi cute her hair!!
    haha i miss them too ..

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