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[info] 04-29-09 Sunmi’s Message on Wonderful Daum Cafe May 2, 2009

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Sunmi also wrote on their daum cafe….

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Ha ha – ♡ Sun Mi ♡ –


It’s always the most difficult to begin a letter.

Where do I start… Ha ha ha

How is the weather in Korea now??

It’s only the end of April here [in New York]…

but it’s very hot TT TT even at night…

There must be a lot of people who are worried about us…

but don’t worry~ regardless of what anyone says

we are living s.t.r.o.n.g.l.y.

I am striving to eat healthy, with a positive mental attitude,

for my own sake and for those whom I love,

and also to keep the final promise I made with our fans ^^

Please support me so that I may fight this battle bravely

Exams are coming up soon… Please take care of your health… (I’m not being unreasonable ke ke)

I’m not in any position to give such advice… regardless, I say hwaiting^^ *oo jju jju jju jju*

I miss you~

Ah!!! Also, please give much love and support to our 2AM/2PM… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

-_- AM PM… What a wild bunch…  I never knew they were that kind of people… for several years…

credits: bequietimhappy@soompi 

click more for the korean version of her message

하하  – ♡ 선미 ♡ –


항상 글을 시작할때 너무 어려워요..

어떻게 시작해야할지..하하하 어버버버

한국은 지금 날씨가 어때요??

여긴 아직 4월 말 밖에 안됐는데..

너무 덥네요ㅠㅠ밤에도..

저희 걱정하시는 분들이 많으실텐데..

걱정하지마세요~ 누가 뭐래도 아주 꿋.꿋.하.게

잘지내고 있습니다.

마음가짐도 더 단단히 먹으려고 노력중이구요.

저를 위해서 제가 사랑하는 사람들을 위해서

그리고 마지막으로 우리 팬들과 한 약속 지키기 위해서^^

응원해주세요 저희가 씩씩하게 이겨낼수 있도록

시험기간이 한창이실텐데..제발 몸 관리 하시구요..(무리하지말란말은아니에요ㅋㅋ)

저도 남말할땐 아니지만..에구구 화이팅하세요^^*우쭈쭈쭈쭈쭈쭈쭈쭈쭈


아!!!그리고 활동중인 우리 2AM/2PM도 많이 응원해주시고..하하하하하하하하하하하

-_-^에이엠 피엠..이야생인간들아..그런사람들인지몰랐어난..몇년동안..


One Response to “[info] 04-29-09 Sunmi’s Message on Wonderful Daum Cafe”

  1. Sohee Says:

    wait. does sunmi have like an eating disorder or something?

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